Pikes On Sundays – 13th October

This summer at Tales Of The Unexpected we have strived to bring you who we think are the best out there, the people who are making waves within their scene regardless of genre. There have been several big-hitters that we knew would bring a crowd of dedicated fans and it’s always great to have a massively packed room and welcome back old friends who we’ve helped along the way, but as often as not for us it’s actually sometimes the lesser known acts that we’ve been made aware of by third parties that have made us sit up and listen more closely. So it’s with great joy that we welcome Annabel Fraser to Tales Of The Unexpected this week.

We have actually been close with Annabel for quite some time now but it’s only recently that we’ve paid full attention to her as a DJ. Our interest peaking at our yearly Refuge gigs in Manchester at the start of the last few Summers where Annabel has been a regular fixture. From there we were led to her weekly radio shows on the wonderful community radio station NTS based out of Manchester where she plays an incredibly eclectic selection of impeccably programmed beats and pieces. To say Annabel is a music obsessive is actually a little understated. We are yet to meet anybody (outside of a few weird beards) with a greater musical knowledge across most genres of danceable music and an afternoon spent looking through her record collection is a wondrous journey for anybody with an interest in obscure vinyl. So with this in mind this weeks Unexpected Tale is one for the heads out there. Check out a recent Boiler Room set from Soup Kitchen in Manchester

And make sure to tune in to her regular NTS radio shows and check some of the archived episodes, this one being a particular stand out show from last year

Joining Annabel behind the decks in Freddies this week see’s welcome returns from one of our favourite We Love… Space residents David Phillips – who was actually the longest serving member of the We Love… Family playing pretty much every gig we ever put on under that banner – and Zoo Project regular and all round good egg Milou who makes her 2019 debut this week. A real music lover’s lineup if ever we saw one. Be sure to put yourselves on the guest list here if you’re lucky enough to still be on the island!




For this week’s edition of The Sounds Of Sundays we have 6 selections from our Sunday Night headliner HAAi covering a cross section of what we can expect from her 6 hour all night long Freddies set. We’ve been looking forward to HAAi’s set for a long time now and these songs have got us even more excited.

“One to get the hips moving.”

“One for the tweakers.” 

“One to get folk back on the floor.”

“One to thrash ya heads to.”

“One to lose ourselves in.”

“It’s six ours, you never know where we end up”

Thanks very much to HAAi for the fantastic selections. We’re sure you’ll agree these look like the perfect ingredients for another vintage Pikes On Sundays. As always these events are guest list only and you need to sign up in advance. Capacity is limited to ensure everyone inside has the best possible time so sign up now while you still can.

Gracias amigos and see you on Sunday!


This Sunday the world famous Pikes tennis court will play host to an art exhibition from long time Pikes On Sundays friend Helen Sadler.

Helen is an up and coming British artist, who works from her studio in the old port of Ibiza. She uses acrylics on canvas to create colourful abstract artwork that is inspired by the natural light and colours of the Balearics.

She has always had a passion for art, studying art and design since the mid 90s, into Art College and University, then to a career in art direction, photography, advertising, film, TV, events and graphic design. Working in these creative industries has helped her to confidently move forward in producing her own acclaimed artwork.

Working intuitively, she takes her inspiration from the organic imperfections, and the impeccable colour combinations of the natural world. From the colours and light that subtly change throughout the day, in the countryside, landscapes, buildings, trees, flowers, clouds, sunrises, sunsets, rocks, beaches and the constantly moving waters of the sea.

Her abstract paintings invite you to take a closer look. This is art for the imagination, tickling and delighting the senses with spirit and passion. Each artwork is a moment in time, captured in a colourful energy explosion, with its own individual personality and characteristics, created with love, integrity and purpose. She gets movement in her paintings through colour, connected emotionally and instinctively.

As she develops her work further, her interest lies in the more traditional, organic techniques of art and design. She follows her passion in creating her abstract paintings, and goes to art galleries and art events, getting inspiration continually from other artists, locally, and from across the world. Her works are in private collections in Ibiza and the UK.

Be sure to follow Helen on Instagram here and if you’re on the island come and have a closer look this Sunday.


With September drawing to an end and the summer hoards dissipating we are very happy to welcome back to the fold our friends from London Town. Secretsundaze head honcho and all round good guy James Priestly will be representing the crew this week and anybody who’s had anything even slightly to do with the London scene (or regional tbh) this past 15 years will know what a treat lies in store for them in the intimate setting of Freddies this coming Sunday. We’ve spoken at length on this blog before on how influential the SS have been on London’s musical landscape over the years but we have not mentioned that they also have an incredible label that strives to showcase the many angles of house that their nights aims to showcase. So take a little time to catch up on some recent releases whilst you read about a few of the artists that they are currently championing. And as always if you like what you hear do support the artist and buy their music on Bandcamp.

First up is a wonderfully chilled mixtape from newly emerging (to us anyway) artist Carista. Perfect to while away an hour pre or post clubbing this weekend. Her residencies on NTS and Red Light Radio showcase her love of house, boogie, broken beat, disco, funk and beyond. Her DJ gigs can also see her explore further into house and techno but this mixtape showcases a different, softer side of Carista blending ambient soundscapes, jazz, dub and soul as well as some poignant words from Nina Simone.

More in line with clubbing this next release is aimed firmly at the dance floor and opens up the re-launch of the Secretsundaze label enabling them to spread their wings with the signing of Lisbon born, London based Silvestre. With the obvious push and pull of influences from his own and adopted countries Silvestre has managed to develop a unique sound that embraces rap, R&B, reggaeton as well as breaks and woozy pads from UK hardcore and house. Right up our street basically.

And finally Eliphino delivers a thoroughly satisfying mini album of contemplative jacking and dulcet breakbeats for the re-launched label rounding off three very different journeys in to the genera that dreamily investigates the dusty spaces between house, breakbeat, ambient, hardcore and acid. Hailing originally from the Leeds, but with time spent in both London and Berlin, ‘Breaking Up Is Hard’ lands somewhere between the Hessle Audio crew, Joy O and Selected Ambient Works era Aphex. Now if that doesn’t tickle your fancy….


James Priestly will be representing from midnight till close with warmup duties going to the ever capable Nick Williams of Meda Fury label / Phonica Records infamy from 22:30. Guest list as always is essential if you are arriving after 21:00 and you can sign up for that here.

Come dine, drink and dance with us!


A band’s second album can more often than not be a bit of a let down to fans who ‘discovered’ their favourite new band on their debut release. A bands first album is generally a collection of music thats been in the their collective head for many years and has been tweaked to perfection through countless performances with vivid and nostalgic memories of early band meetings in bedrooms and kitchens so when they finally get round to having enough money to put their precious ideas on wax, or are lucky enough to be given time in a studio at an others expense, then the final and finished product encapsulates all of this and is generally as good as it’s ever going to get.

Also the second album can be a tricky affair as it’s often rushed out to capitalise on the success of the first at a time when the band is tired from touring and enforced studio time. Tired of each other sometimes. This is quite clearly not the case with Maribou State’ and Kingdoms In Colour, an album that shines like a diamond in the dirt. The sound of a band truly getting to grips with the individual members nuances and allowing them room to develop, an album that’s not afraid to share the limelight with guests whilst giving the guests an amazing platform to show another side of what they are capable of also. It’s that good.

It’s been mentioned on our blog before how Maribou State have played for us in the past and how fantastically happy we are to have seen the guys develop into what they have now become. Which is no less than Festival headliners. And not just ‘dance music’ festivals, these guys hold their own against anybody else out there. The music effortlessly flows between genres without ever feeling forced or out of place, they are at home dropping breaks as they are playing pure pop. To huge crowds, as witnessed this year at Glastonbury.

Whilst this summer has been all about the live show the guys actually started out as dj/producers and wowed crowds at We Love… back in the day when they supported James Zabiela at his label parties but due to the success of the two albums the band have more or less hung up their ear phones to concentrate on live performance. Its now a very rare treat to catch them playing other peoples music as a Dj duo and even rarer to be able to witness this in an intimate setting. It’s with great pride and anticipation that we bring the guys to Tales Of The Unexpected this week and we urge you to come and join us on the dance floor for this years only Ibiza Dj performance.

Special Boiler Room Dj performance from the end of last year to give you an idea of what to expect from them this Sunday when they will be playing an extended four hour set from midnight onwards. Come and check it out! Guest list is essential and very limited. Sign up here while you still can.


So with the madness of Freddie Rocks well and truly put to bed for another year we are more than happy to resume regular Sunday services once again. Bringing you the best music you’ve probably never heard played by people who are generally better known for playing out in another style. Pikes On Sundays continues to deliver the best day out for those inclined.

September is quite possibly our favourite month on the island, the Sun’s still warm enough but doesn’t leave you breaking a sweat and the there’s generally less of the horrible hoards that August brings to our fair shores. A somewhat more clued up customer base poolside at Pikes also enables us to invite guests that we know might not be as appreciated during July and August and also the fact that a lot of our island resident friends now have more time to come and join us means we can share the music that they grew up with on the island over the years, so with no further ado let us introduce you to some of the poolside guests we have coming in to join us this next few weeks.

September 8th sees the welcome return of a few semi regulars to the poolside at Pikes with Brydie Tong joining for a second time in almost as many weeks so if you don’t fancy checking her out on warm up duties at Artwork’s debut Saturday show the night before join her playing blissful beats n pieces towards sunset after Mancunian Manhattanite Billy Caldwell shows the gathered faithful just why he’s been the toast of the the town on Shelter Island this past few years. A head of Billy is jazz and soundtrack fanatic Riccio who joins us for his second Sunday this summer. Riccio is more often found hosting poolside warm up duties for the Ronnie Scotts events held regularly at Pikes during the summer months. But we found him first! Resident support comes from one half of The Brothers Grim and our Brother from another ‘Big’ Jon Woodall who will be closing down the poolside session this week.

As many of you will know probably know we dislike the term ‘Balearic’ when it’s used to describe a style of music, mostly when used by an individual to describe the style of music they play themselves. It’s generally a lazy term for somebody who plays low quality laid back ‘beach’ house music with Spanish guitar inflections on the sunset strip somewhere warm. Worldwide. However, when the term is used correctly it means nothing short of eclectic excellence and the four poolside guests we have representing the term on September 15th fucking nail it to the wall. Leo Mas needs little if any introduction having pretty much championed the Balearic beat since day dot alongside Grand Master, Alfredo, back in the day when the sun shone through the palms on the Amnesia terrace and everybody wore Chipie and Fiorucci. Joining Leo on the 15th September are two more acts who have gone on to modernise the Balearic style whilst fully keeping a Converse All Star well and truly in the original camp. The Coyote guys were regulars on the island since before it all began and have championed the sound with releases tipping a cap towards the warm analogue synth cords that make up most of the true Balearic back cannon for close to 15 years now with their Is It Balearic Recordings label. Bringing up the rear of this week’s who’s who of Balearic Silver Backs is non other than Andy Kidd who really has played at pretty much every respectable ‘Balearic’ venue on the island for well over a decade. Check out some of his wonderful mixes ahead of his show with us week over on his soundcloud here.

On September 22nd for our night time adventures in Tales Of The Unexpected we have a truly huge booking in the shape of Maribou State and as with our last booking with this particular manager (George Fitzgerald) part of the deal was that he got to play poolside with us for an hour or so during the daytime. So it’s with massively welcoming open arms and hearts filled with love that we lovingly welcome Adam ‘The’ Mouj back to Pikes On Sundays once again. Adam actually played a blinder earlier on this summer so we are genuinely looking forward to seeing him again (he is also a very very dear friend of ours). Simon Morrell has impressed us so much this year that there has actually been talk of replacing one of our other regulars with him, however luckily for said regular Simon is far too busy nowadays with his ‘real job’ to spend every Sunday in summer hanging out with drunken reprobates, luckily for us he’s agreed to come grace the decks one more time this season. Certainly one to come check out if you’ve not had the pleasure so far. The Brothers Grim and ‘Big’ Jon Woodall support in their own inimitable manner as per unusual.

One half of Hard-Core legends 2 Bad Mice joins us poolside on the 29th September, he does have his own and proper name (Sean) but I just love seeing 2 Bad Mice on our advertising for the poolside soundtracking. He’s been playing with us on and off for the past three and has some truly great poolside chops. Including wonderful stripped back acoustic versions of his hard-core classics! He doesn’t actually, but it’s a fine idea that I’m going to try make happen! As much as I enjoy using Sean’s alter-ego to advertise him playing with us I’ve actually given one of the other acts joining us today a different name to the one they generally play out with because I really don’t like it. Sorry ‘Disco Mums’ but when your hanging poolside with us your The Chemical Mothers. One more fantastic name to add to the bill this week and then we’re pretty much done is Eastern Front Soundsystem who return after wowing us last summer with their very unique take on the genre. A nice little factoid regarding Simon Bear (one half of EFS) is that his father is actually called Rupert. Possibly the best thing I heard this year that.

Well that’s poolside in September rounded up for you. We do hope you can make at least one of them and remember we also have loads going on at night with special performances coming up from Krystal Klear, Maribou State, Ruf Dug, Secretsundaze and a Very Special Surprise Guest. Keep your eyes on our Facebook page for all the info and gossip. Come say hi, come get hi, get home safely….


Well we do kinda have to admit that last week’s un-named ‘special guests’ was pretty thinly vailed with most people guessing as soon as we posted the first piece of artwork that it was non other than our Irish brethren Bicep supporting the mighty Hammer. Incredible performances from everybody on the day/night and our eternal thanks go out to the guys for there ongoing loyal support. And also to everybody that made it down to Pikes On Sundays last week. What a rave up!

Anyway onwards and upwards. Continuing with our secret guest lineups (due once again to club politics) this week’s secret guest is once again no stranger to us and in fact is somebody that we have gone on to become incredibly close to since first welcoming him to grace the decks at We Love… way back when he was first starting out on his current style of musical journey (having previously been a D&B producer/Dj). His rise within the scene has been epic and the productions that he’s been putting over the past few years have been nothing short of spectacular, one in particular on Luke Solomons Classic Music Company is regularly sited as being thee dance floor hit of the decade so it’s with much love and excitement that we welcome this humble chap back to Freddies this week for an extended session.  Killer music expertly programmed by a true master of the art… Can you guess who it is yet?!? Support on the night comes from our trusty resident Jon Woodall and the newest member of the Pikes On Sundays family Jeremy Weeks. Be sure to sign up for the guest list while you still can. This one is going to be pretty special!

Come dine, drink and dance with us!