We are incredibly pleased to announce a new string to the Pikes On Sundays bow as we welcome Ruf Dug as an official resident for 2017. This Sunday is the first of his 6 dates with us this Summer and to get you in the mood and to give you an insight into the man behind the music he is this week’s music master. Press play on his fantastic mix below, transport yourself to the Pikes Poolside and have a read of Brother Mark’s talk with the main man.

MARK BROADBENT – The Music Masters part of the blog was set up to introduce people who we love and admire that we’ve worked with in the past and also friends of ours who we think need further introduction to a wider audience. Now although Simon (Ruf Dug) is a new acquaintance to us here at Pikes On Sundays when we found him we realised we had met a kindred spirt. His album (Island) became a much talked about mainstay of our Sunday sessions playlists and off the back of this he came and played with us last summer on what turned out to be one of our favourite shows of last season.

Given that I am away in Croatia for large parts of the summer Simon was our obvious choice as a replacement for my good self and also the perfect resident to compliment The Brothers Grim and our irregular guests when I’m back visiting the home front. If you’re on the island this Summer you are in for a real treat, no, make that six treats as we program Simon across July, August and September. All adding up to make Simon this weeks Music Master.

MB – You have been coming to the island for a long time Simon, when do you think the golden years were in terms of the ultimate Ibiza clubbing experience, builders and beauty queens dancing side by side outside the confines of a velvet rope?

RUF DUG – To me the golden age has to be Alfredo’s glory years at Amnesia and it’s ‘my’ golden age because I was a little too young to go clubbing at the time and never actually went 🙂 This means it can exist wholly in my imagination and be totally perfect. Having spoken to many people who were there it does seem to be very different to anything else…

MB – Was there one club night that particularly stood out for you growing up and was it an island resident Dj or guest Dj experience that you remember most from the nights there?

RD – Well you know what the very first nightclub I ever went into in the world was the Hollywood Discotheque in Cala Llonga in about 1989 aged 14, I was drunk on schnapps and they were showing a porno vid on the TV behind the bar. The Hollywood has long been knocked down (there’s still a beach bar though) but damn it was a really cool club. Could hold like 200 people max, sunken dancefloor, white shiny tiles and mirrors everywhere. The DJ was playing dead obvious stuff cos it was just a resort disco at the end of the day but I didn’t care. It’s a car park now.

MB – I used to hold my weekly PR meetings down on the Sunset Strip in San Antonio and then sit back and listen to the sublime sound of Jose Padilla, I swear that I once saw him draw out the sun from behind the clouds with his programming skills, this could well have been the drugs that I had been imbibing but have you ever had a ‘Balearic experience’ whilst listening to Jose Padilla at The Cafe Del Mar?

RD – Well I don’t know if it counts but I was listening to one of Jose’s Cafe Del Mar tapes in the Caribbean one night during the stormiest sunset and it was one of those incredible moments where everything just locked in – the music, the sound of the rain, the sun, the frogs… magic. Good on you Jose. My last visit to the Cafe was in winter a few years ago – it was closed and we sat on the boardwalk with a spliff and about 5 other people on the whole strip (no Jose though, that would have been very special).

MB – Your album – Island – on the Music For Dreams label fast became a standard at our Sunday sessions at Pikes and seemed as it had been made with Ibiza and more importantly Pikes in mind, was this the case or were you thinking of another island and a different venue when you wrote the album?

RD – I was in Guadeloupe when I made it so it’s probably about 50% Caribbean and 50% Ibiza… there are particular common elements associated with island music from all over the world and the album was sort of trying to hook into that idea a little. 

MB – The album is a very laid-back affair but you also write music aimed well and truly at the dance floor with your Ruf Kutz tracks, which do you prefer to make and which style gives you the most pleasure playing out?

RD – I’ve been able to get away with making a reasonably broad range of music as well as being asked to play in many locations that aren’t dancefloor focused. What matters to me are those moments when everybody in the place is aware that we’re all in here together, that we’re having a shared experience, that this is special and that it feels good. With music you can help make these moments happen and they can occur in all kinds of places – on a dancefloor, by the pool, in a restaurant, on the beach – anywhere there’s a mood to be matched with music then I’m there for you.

MB – Your staying on Ibiza and playing with us for a couple of months this summer, will you be writing music whilst your here and do you have a theme in mind or is this something that comes to you once you are immersed in your new surroundings?

RD – We’ll see – I’ve written a few bits and pieces over the years out here and I’m bringing a small setup but I think the sun is going to win this time.

MB – For one weekend only you are able to travel back in time and space and visit one musical happening from the past, you are also allowed to change shape or sex. Where are you going and what will you be?

RD – I’m going to be Grace Jones at the Paradise Garage and then because I’m Grace Jones you can go fuck your one happening from the past I’m having another one. I’m gonna get on a plane and fly to amnesia. 1987. Cheeers!

MB – You’re from Manchester England, a city that has an incredible musical heritage, which Manchester band said the most to you as you were growing up and which of their albums is your favourite?

RD – Growing up it wasn’t really a band – it was 808 State. Ex:El is their best album by miles. Even now their music seems ultra futuristic, listening to it as a kid destroyed me. 

MB – Meat Loaf famously said “I would do anything for love, but I won’t do that.” What do you think he was getting at and what wouldn’t you do for love ?

RD – This is defo Meat Loaf saying no to a strap-on up the bum. As for me I say you gotta live a little n’ love a little – pass the amyl please x!

MB – How much are you looking forward to joining us at Pikes this summer and have you made any special music for the shows?

RD – I’m so excited that I don’t need any flights to the island I’m just gonna make my way there on pure BUZZ POWER. Yep I’m working on a few special treats to play at Pikes – some horizontal stuff for the day and a few late night dubs… see u all very soon xxxx

Well Ruf Dug we are equally as excited to see yo on Sunday! Simon plays with The Brothers Grim, Ewan Pearson, Declan Lee and a very special guest. Read all about that here. Our Sunday Lunches were completely sold out by friday last week so act fast if you want to join us this week. Give pikes a call on 0034 971 34 22 22 to book. Gracias amigos and see you soon!





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