After Friday and Saturday nights out with the Manchester Massive The Brothers Grim arrived poolside slightly worse for wear this Sunday gone. Nothing left to do but get stuck straight back into it. At this time of the season we like to start things of on an ambient tip, this seemed to work a treat this week as we soothed the souls of the gathered sick and tired (from the previous evenings shenanigans) in a true Recovery style, effortlessly slipping through the genres of dub electronics and soundtrack selections until the slightly late arrival of our man of the moment – Ruf Dug – who drifted in on his usual cloud of ganga smoke carrying a box of delights.

As the day progressed and the sun reached it’s highway mark Justin Harris took control of the decks for a rare non house music set, borrowing a Brothers headphone jack with the promise to return it straight after his set (how many times have you fallen for that old chestnut?!?) meaning it was never to be seen again. Not at all bitter or angry about this obviously as Justin did us proud with his selections and we’re told it’s not necessary to buy a whole new set of headphones and that headphone jacks can be bought on their own. Where exactly we’re not sure but we’ve got a few days to find out before it really does become a problem and we become both bitter and angry!

Next up Luke Unabomber and James Holroyd scheduled to play a two hour B2B set. Not a long set admittedly but when we were thinking about the programming we took into account their collective ages as being around the 100 + year old mark and thinking that they might also be tired from playing out the last couple of  nights it seemed to make some kinda sense…However on sitting back and listening to them it very quickly became apparent that there would be no following these two. Five hours later with the odd interjection from Ruffles the poolside was still packed, rewinds a plenty, good times with good people. A true Pikes On Sundays musical highlight for anybody gathered and lucky enough to witness the Manchester Refuge Recovery takeover

And now just before we hang up our ear phones for another summer (we close this week and skip the 1st of October opening again on the 8th October with winter opening times to reflect the changing season) we have one last blast for the poolside faithful.

Joining us this week are two friends of the family who we have known for some time. Having first come across Ben Terry and Matty J whilst programming rooms at Space, delving into the further reaches of disco, funk and boogie. They helped us pick and program the El Salon and occasionally featured there themselves. These where always the most successful forays into that sound, when they both played extended sets together bringing the curious into the intimate setting to enjoy something very new and unique to Ibiza at the time. Always keeping an eye on the floor whilst being brave enough to never fall into the obvious. We expect this week to be a pure and wonderful adventure into their sound.

Did somebody shout BOMB-SCARE ?!? We fucking hope not! 2 Bad Mice (Sean OKeeffe to his friends) has been a longtime visiter to Pikes On Sundays and has followed what we do there pretty much since the get go so it was an easy decision for us to make when he approached us the last time he was staying on the island with his request to play. We love to include curve balls in our programming and really can’t wait to hear what he has to say for himself this week, not really knowing Sean too well we have absolutely no idea what to expect but we think he’s going to fit right in!

Now as The Brothers Grim are attending The Liverpool Psychedelic Festival this weekend and only return just in time to open the doors they have called in the help of longstanding poolside palls DJ Callum and Jon Woodall. No better men to help the Brothers through tricky times, to help buoy them along, to buy them beers, then these two stalwarts of Sunday. They need no further introduction to the Pikes On Sundays posse outside of a quick mention of it being Callum’ Birthday. Come help us give him the bumps.

As Always roast reservations required and as always we guarantee the finest music you have ever heard in your life. See you by the pool!


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