Here at the Badgers lair we are beyond excited to be able to mention that we are just one week away from our return visit to Manchester; a northern city very dear in our hearts for what will be the second instalment of the Pikes Ibiza Refuge Bank Holiday takeover – Return To Pikes at The Refuge.

With a lineup to rival anything happening on Ibiza this month we welcome back friends and family made along the way. Residents from We Love… Space rubbing shoulders with new friends from Pikes On Sundays sets the scene for a day / night can only end in trouble!
Starting the machine we’ve got yours truly and longtime family friends Jamie ‘Fatneck’ Low and The Acid house Death Squad kicking things off in the bar for the first five hours from midday before we’re joined by Pikes regular Neil Diablo of El Diablo’ Social Club and Passport To Paradise head honcho Craig Christon who will no doubt take things on a rather more left off centre bent before handing over control of the bar to Refuge favourite and no stranger to the stranger side of Ibiza, Paulette.
Courtyard action looking like a who’s who of awesome as It-Girl Annabel Fraser is joined by personal favourites James Holroyd and Ruf Dug ahead of Amnesia resident (and all round fucking legend) Leo Mas who’s set to bring some Balearic sunshine to Lancashire whilst the mighty Unabombers play a rare (nowadays) B2B courtyard closing set for the gathered faithful.
All great club nights are underpinned by their resident Djs and nighttime activities (ticket required) are handed over to four of the best in the game deep under the footpaths of Manchester for what will be the end to an incredible journey. Nancy Noise and Leo are joined by fellow Ibiza stalwart Paul Woolford. All three having held down incredible and much lauded Ibizan residencies are joined by one of Manchester’s finest residents Krysko.
Come on down and spice up your weekend with a little dash of Balearic flare!


Roll up, roll up, it’s time for a residents rumble! After the glitz and glamour of last Sunday’s fantastic Freddie Rocks event which saw an extended Sunday session welcome performances from Faithless’ Sister Bliss, Bushwacka!, Rusty Egan, David Phillips, Ben Murphy, Andy Carroll and much much more, this week we have decided to keep things simple and we’ll let our residents do the talking for the full 15 hour session. Step up Ruf Dug, Jon Woodall and The Brothers Grim.

Speaking of The Brothers Grim, on Sunday gone they were broadcast to the world via Pioneer DJ Radio and Ibiza Sonica for two two and a half hours of their five hour set. Captured live between 15:00 and 17:30, have a listen to the recording above and find out what an afternoon at Pikes On Sundays really sounds like.

You can also treat your ears to this simply delicious selection from Ruf Dug opening the proceedings a few weeks back, again recorded live from the Pikes On Sundays poolside DJ booth, this time between 13:00 and 15:00. Relax and allow the subtle tones and ethereal notes to wash over you like a cooling breeze on a hot September afternoon; let your mind wander back to our beloved piece of paradise. This is the sound of Sundays!

We have a few tables left for Sunday lunch this week. To make your reservation give Pikes a call on 0034 971 34 22 22. Act fast as they will soon be gone and your dream of a Yorkshire pudding in the sun will be gone for another week. We’re back to our usual opening times this week kicking things off at 1pm and going through until 2am (ish) on Monday morning. Gracias amigos and see you on Sunday!


As it’s friday why not treat your ears to some of the best music they have ever heard. Below are a selection of mixes from our residents The Brothers Grim and Ruf Dug and possibly our favourite ever DJ Bernie Connor. The first mix comes from Ruf Dug and was recorded live from the poolside last Sunday between 11pm and midnight. A party piece of the highest order.

Next up we have another recording direct from the poolside from our guiding star Bernie Connor. Bernie played for us back in June and we were so excited to welcome him to our Balearic home. Our expectations were incredibly high but within the first 3 records he showed us they were not high enough. Bernie knows his onions!

Brother Andrew’s offering comes from a few years back inspired by one of his trips to India. An hour long composition of the music he was listening to on his travels around the Subcontinent along with some field recordings from the very same trip. A mellow affair that sounds somewhat like the start to a Sunday by the pool.

From Brother Mark we’ve got another travel inspired selection. January 2017 saw the Broadbents head off to Central America and Mark recorded this mix whilst nestled somewhere amongst the mangrove swamps. A fairly wide cross section of Mark’s musical tastes covering a lot of the sonic topics we touch on at Pikes On Sundays.

And finally we have a joint effort from Brother Andrew and Brother Mark. Recorded live and broadcast from the Ibiza Sonica studios last year, The Brothers Grim offer an hour of their favourite Cowboy tinged tunes. Sit back, relax, take in 6 hours of beautiful sounds and let us know which is your favourite!

Gracias amigos. Head here to see what we’ve got going on this Sunday.


Our lovely guests have selected a few songs to get you in the mood for the main event this Sunday. Take a minute, sit back, turn the speakers up to a comfortable 6 or 7 and picture yourself poolside at Pikes hotel.

Ruf Dug Selects – 

Sufferer Sound – I A Suffer – Dennis bovell on production, full poolside wonky dub here. Jump in.

Earl Klugh – Soft Stuff – Horizontal fusion. Backstroke grooving.

Michael Heart – Some Girls – Post sunset jam – this groove engineered specifically for outdoor moves.

Flash And The Pan – Midnight Man – Ruf Kutz’ latest fan Francois Kevorkian on the mix here. Future Chez Fez classic.”

Trouble Vision Select – 

“‪Womack & Womack – MPB (Missin’ Persons Bureau)(Frankie Knuckles Paradise Ballroom Mix)‬ – Something old. Similar in style to his Ain’t Nobody version, this just ticks all the right boxes for Sunday feels.

Donald Dust – Joy July – Something new. Bringing a little bit of Peckham to Pikes, this is the latest release on new South London label No Bad Days. Title track Joy July says it all really… If Sundays looked like an 80’s action film montage.

Barry White – Your Sweetness Is My Weakness – Something borrowed. Borrowed because we first heard Trouble vision resident OK Jones play this at a wedding. Barry. Do we need to say any more.

Talamanca System – My Past Is Your Future – Something blue. This isn’t actually melancholy at all. Quite the opposite actually. What a trio! Gerd Janson, Lauer and White Isle mainstay, Mark Barrott. This just screams poolside daytime vibes to us.”

Neil Diablo Selects – 

Many thanks to our DJs for those selections. Come down to hear all these and many more fine songs being played at Pikes on Sunday 6th August from 1pm until 2am. You really won’t regret it!



As a little treat ahead of our event tomorrow our three residents Ruf Dug and The Brothers Grim have selected a few songs to get you in the mood. The brothers and Ruf Dug will be playing from 13:00 until 18:00 so if these selections tickle your fancy, come on down and enjoy your afternoon at the most balearic of poolside settings.

Ruf Dug Selects – 

Trio- da da da – 1982, I’m 7 years old and back then cala llonga was pretty vibing, especially for a 7 year old. There were 3 beach bars at the back and they all had pretty raucous atmospheres and loads of wasps around the bins, they felt super dangerous. Anyway each year one tune would be the big tune in all the beach bars and in 1982 this was the big hit, everyone was singing da da da for ever. Also u know it’s pretty raw for a number 2 pop song.

Baltimora – Tarzan Boy – A few years later, Cala Llonga is still the number 1 centre of the whole universe for vibes as far as little me is concerned… got a bit older now and moved from the beach bars to the mobile DJ who’s getting round the various bars in the village. This pleases mum & dad no end because this DJ has basically become our de facto babysitter and I fuckin love this guy, first time in my life I’d ever seen 2 turntables or cross fading or 12 inch singles or anything like that and my mind’s blown. This was the tune that really got me, I had to buy the sheet music when I got home to play on my casio….

Bygraves – Set Me Free – Street Soul from the heart of Moss Side in the early 90s, the bad old days; played by Phil Mison at the Cafe. A transmission from one world to another; the manchester-ibiza axis is powerful but this is perhaps the most unlikely connection of them all.

Stardust – Music Sounds Better With You – It’s the ultimate ibiza tune isn’t it? I was here the year it broke. It was almost as big as da da da. Total marmite amongst all the cool lot but what-the-fuck-ever, its fuckin stardust, deal with it. make a tune as big as this and then u can have a whinge ok.”

Brother Mark Selects – 

“Inspirations from my recent trip to Croatia. Love International is probably more famous for the huge amount of disco delivered in a week than any other musical genre but if your lucky and in the right place at the right time (usually on the restaurants terrace) you can occasionally hear some DJs dig a little deeper or as in this case play something thats rather obvious but that’s been put together in a nice way. The DJ played two hours of 70’s hits that had me reaching far back into my memory bank, memories of youth clubs, school discos and of course Top Of The Pops. A breathe of fresh air.”

Brother Andrew Selects – 

“Four of the best from the Summer so far. All big pop numbers that go down an absolute treat whenever they get played. I like to play these directly after Brother Mark has played something more sombre so that I get all the glory.”

If that doesn’t get you in the mood then we don’t know what will, perhaps some fantastic photos from last week’s party will do the trick… Catch our residents alongside Messalina Records cohorts Mushrooms Project and Lucci Capri this Sunday from 1pm until 2am. See you by the pool!





There’s something a bit special going down in Manchester this Sunday. For the first time ever Pikes is heading North as our beloved residents The Brothers Grim present a Balearic brunch and more at the fantastic Refuge. The Pikes takeover on Sunday forms part of  The Electric Weekender which kicks of on Thursday evening with an art exhibition from Justin Robertson and runs through until 04:00 Monday morning. For these very special bank holiday celebrations The Refuge welcomes artists such as Francois K, Moonboots, Alex Barck and many more to play across its various courtyards, bars and club spaces. For the full lowdown on the weekender head here.

To help transport the Pikes spirit and the Ibiza feel for a Sunday in the city The Brothers Grim have enlisted an all-star cast of Balearic aficionados. There is perhaps no DJ that better represents the Balearic Beat than Alfredo. His history with the island, his role in defining the genre and the impact he has had on popular culture as we know it is about as epoch defining as any other history within our community. If it wasn’t for Alfie there would be no Balearic for us to brunch to. The man standing next to Alfredo in the Amnesia DJ booth 30 years ago as he was inspiring a bunch of brits to go off and invent a lifestyle was Leo Mas. Leo was resident at the super-club through the 80s and 90s during which time he taught a generation of intrepid party goers what it meant to be a DJ. To have both Alfredo and Leo playing together on the same bill is something very special and we can’t wait to hear what these two elder-statesmen have to offer. The rest of the lineup reads like a highlights reel of the last 30 years of the musical goings on here on our beloved island (with a dash of a Mancunian swagger thrown in for good measure). Justin Robertson, Nancy Noise, Unabombers, Neil Diablo, Annabel Fraser, Paulette and Craig Christon all join The Brothers Grim from 11am on Sunday morning in the Refuge Courtyard.

Along with the Balearic spirit there will also be Balearic Wines on offer throughout the day, complementing a Spanish themed menu from the award winning Levanter & Baratxuri. We can’t think of a better way to spend your Sunday in Manchester and we hope to see some of our UK gang for this one-off event. To get you in the mood and to set the scene brother Mark has provided an hour long mix which you can listen to here. Sit back, relax, let the mix wash over you and then book monday off work and get yourself to Manchester for a good old knees up!

PS. For those of you who will be stuck in Ibiza this weekend we do of course have our usual Sunday session taking place. For full details of who is playing and which migratory animals came to visit us last week click here.