It’s our penultimate Sunday coming up and as often happens at this time of the season we’re starting to feel a bit nostalgic. Our thoughts wander back across another fantastic Summer at our beloved Pikes and all the amazing times we’ve had with friends old and new. For a special treat this week we’re taking a trip back even further down memory lane with a line up not seen in Ibiza for many a year. All our guests this week at some point were resident DJs for We Love Space and so it is with a smile on our face that we say We Love… Pikes On Sundays. Our trusty residents The Brothers Grim are joined by Andy Carroll, Jon Rasta, Ryan O’Gorman and Scott Martin.

You know the score by now so instead of waffling on, here’s some music selected by our guest DJs to kick start your weekend and get you in the mood for some poolside fun!

Scott Martin Selects – 

Queen – Cool Cat – I love Freddie, and given his connection to Pikes a Queen track was an obvious inclusion. The original demo version has Bowie on backing vocals, but this stripped down version that made the Hot Space album is a killer.

Holger Czukay – Cool In The Pool – I’m a big fan of German Pysche-rockers Can, and their founder Holger Czukay is one cool dude. An obvious link to pooliside music, but fuck it… it’s cool innit?

Mary Clarke – Take Me I’m Yours – I have chosen this as I can’t stop playing it at the moment… and also because I’d promised Mark that I wouldn’t play too much disco, and I’m crap at keeping promises!

LCD Soundsystem – 45:33 (Prince Language Mix) – Whatever the reason for them “splitting up” I’m glad LCD are back and making new music. I saw them at Ally Pally the other week and they were as good as ever. This track reminds me of my last summer in Ibiza, playing this lots on the premier etage and particular fond memories of it on the end of season We Love staff boat party. Happy days!”

Jon Rasta Selects – 

Can – Future Days – Dizzy Dizzy may have been more appropriate but hey if people missed out on this first time round, listening to this while staring at the distant pine tree covered hills is the perfect tonic.

Anderson Paak – Come down – Well what can be said about this and Pikes “I may never come down”. I’m sure we have all been there, and with that bass line no ones staying down for long.

Leroy Sibbles – Garden of Life – A Lee Perry produced record, some one that would not look out of place around Pike poolside.

Tricky – Suffocated Love – This is such a classic of the album, beautiful and edgy, don’t fall in.”

A few choice cuts there we’re sure you’ll agree! It’s Winter opening times so the party runs from Midday until Midnight (ish). For restaurant reservations call Pikes on 0034 971 34 22. Also worth noting Sunday is also the perfect opportunity to purchase your Halloween tickets. They’ve been on sale for just under a week now and there aren’t many left so act fast!



It’s been a while since our last Music Masters blog post, we must have been having too much fun. To restart the series we’re getting to know one of the true pioneers of the Ibiza party community and one of our closest confidants Ryan O’Gorman. Here’s what brother Mark has to say about our Irish friend:

MARK BROADBENT – I feel like I’ve known Ryan all my life when in fact it’s not actually that long. I guess it must seem that way due to the time spent together being extremely concentrated. Time spent after hours in gardens around the island, in hotel rooms and villas, or back at ours when the hangers on have departed for more lively (and coke fuelled) venues. Anytime past midday would inevitably see myself and Ryan talking at each other in a manner which to the untrained eye may have looked rather heated but despite both of us being cut from similar cloth, having quick tempers and a propensity for drunkenness we have maintained a very close and fruitful friendship that carries on to this day.

On first meeting Ryan I guessed that we should probably work with him, I’d heard about the parties he was involved and knew he had good ties with the ‘workers’ on the island and the fact that he spent an awful amount of time in clubs and other nefarious places on the island meant that he also had good connections with Europeans outside the usual British contingent that made up the majority of our crowd at the time. We needed somebody to host the morning sessions at Space and back then it was mainly the British San Antonio workers and Spanish / Italians who stayed up once the clubs shut down Saturday night / Sunday morning. His people.

Back then my wife Sarah used to open Space on Sunday mornings and deal with Ryan and everything else, we would literally cross paths like ships in the night as she returned home to catch up on lost sleep and I made my way into the club for the afternoon session. Sometimes we’d grab some food together and she would always regale me with stories on what kind of state Ryan had turned up for work in. But the thing was, she always told these stories from a happy standpoint and not of one pissed off because somebody had arrived totally off their face to start the working day. There is not one other person I can think of that could have gotten away with this! Our party at the time ran for 22 hours and that first year mine and Ryan’s paths did not cross very often and it wasn’t until a season down the line that we became friendly. A year or so down the line and some changes at Space meant Ryan became involved in our night time activities, we got to spend time together at the club and our friendship blossomed.

Unlike the majority of people you might come across as a night owl, Ryan is incredibly honest, genuine, and most importantly interesting and I found him to be a true breath of fresh air. He has enlightened me on many points and helped me see things from other prospectives. Ryan has always worked tirelessly within our ‘industry’ often carving out a niche market for himself within it so as to keep on keeping on. He is a true torch bearer of the house music genre and has stuck to his guns throughout the many changing musical moods on Ibiza, he makes and plays the music he believes in without deviation to fads or Jonny-come-lately popularity and this is why Ryan O Gorman is this weeks Music Master.

MARK BROADBENT – So Ryan let’s start with the classic Acid House greeting. Where are you from and what are you on?

RYAN O’GORMAN – I’m from Ireland and I’m on a roll.

MB – You were both in South Ireland but moved North to Derry. Why would you do that?

RO – Yes I was born and raised in the sunny South East but ironically I moved north to stay out of trouble. They had just built The Nerve Centre in Derry and they had a sound engineering and multitrack recording course that I thought would resonate with my interest in music, I spent most of my time as a seventeen year old playing records, I clearly haven’t developed much as a human since then.

MB – From Derry where did you move to next and what turn of events led you ultimately to Ibiza, an island you have called home for many years now?

RO – I came to Ibiza from Derry in 1999, I’d finished my sound engineering course and while I had a lot of fun in Derry I’d had enough of it at the same time. It was actually my girlfriend at the time who told me about Ibiza, she had been and, as is often the case, never shut up about it. So we booked the flights and rolled the dice.

MB – When I first heard about you you were running a weekly ‘workers’ party in San Antonio. Theses were good times for you but to many people San Antonio has always been associated with Brits on the piss and tasteless trouble makers. How did you fit in with this?

RO – Well San An was my jumping off point (as it is for most english speaking kids arriving in Ibiza), I was lucky enough to get a good bar residency at Itaca in San An in my first year. This was the making of me as a DJ, it paid the rent, they fed me and I played about eight hours a day, more some days. This was in the days of vinyl too, that’s a lot of b-sides. Once the rent is paid and your belly is full all you have to think about is playing music, you inevitably get good at anything you practice eight hours a day. This is where I met Andy G (and also Andy Baxter who’s first residency was with us at Itaca) who I went on to start Electricsex with. We were lucky enough to have musical freedom to play what we liked at Itaca which is a pretty fantastic luxury to have with any bar residency. Myself and Andy started to get into a more electronic sound about 2002, I remember being really heavily influenced by Andrew Weatherall’s “From The Bunker” mix Andy gave me. We started doing this rave in a boozer called Inigo in Clapham on a Sunday afternoon in the winter of 2004 playing this new electro sound that was emerging (hence the name Electricsex) the parties were raucous, lots of sweaty bodies dancing on tables etc (Geddes, Jamie Jones, Tim Sheridan, Colin Peters, Will Saul, Secretsundaze etc played for us there). We got offered the back room of Eden for Norman Jay’s Dusted off the back of those parties and the rest as they say is history.

MB – Was there a golden age for clubbing on Ibiza in your opinion and if so where really tickled your fancy back then?

RO – I think the golden age of clubbing in Ibiza is when ever you personally discover it…. however, I am very grateful that I experienced things like Manumission, The Manumission Motel, Bora Bora in it’s prime, Sunday afternoons on the Space terrace, Sunday nights at KM5 with Tania Vulcano, Monday morning raves at The Jockey Club, the birth of DC10, Coccon after parties at S’Estanyol… Endless parties, too many to mention.. It’s difficult for people to understand the levels of hedonism and freedom we enjoyed and I guess that probably wasn’t sustainable when you look at how many people visit ibiza now. But yeah the crazy days when there were little pockets of organic culture to be found at every turn and the scene wasn’t run by corporations, that was my own personal golden age for Ibiza clubbing.

MB – Who has been your personal favourite and how do you think has been the most constant DJ to play regulary on Ibiza over the years?

RO – Tough question but in terms of consistency I’d have to say people like Clive Henry, Dan Ghenacia, the two Fioritos, Sven at the afters (not so much at the club). There’s people like Andy Baxter, Jem and Jason Bye who I always felt comfortable with when I was paired with them at Space knowing that they are consummate pro’s and things would flow. Then theres people like Colin Peters and Doris who went out and carved out their own unique style or people like Blevins of Scott Martin who always introduced me to interesting new music, these are always good people to have in your life. There have been many more over the years but for the sake of simplicity these are guys who were there at the start and are still doing what they do consistently well.

MB – Ibiza has it’s detractors (myself included over the years) but you have always remained faithful to her, what is it that you love so much about the island?

RO – Whats not to love? I live in a beautiful place with a great climate, amazing nature, enough weird people to keep me entertained and with a bit of luck enough work to sustain my life and my interests, what more do you need?

MB – What would you change on Ibiza given three wishes?

RO – I’d give myself some highly paid position of authority and then I’d diversify the tourism and reduce the cost of living. The how of that is a whole other interview, lets save it for my political campaign.

MB – You have access to a time machine for a long weekend and are allowed to visited a historical musical happening, you are also allowed to change shape and or sex. Where are you going and what are you going as?

RO – I’d probably go to Woodstock as a shape shifter, give Hendrix a piggy back as a black panther and smoke a bong with The Grateful Dead as a moose.

MB – We met through a mutual friend Joe Upton but quickly became quite close friends. I like your directness and honesty and penchant for good times. What is it that you like about me?

RO – Ah now I see what this is all about, it’s like one of those tests where they tell you to read all the questions first, then you answer them all and get to the last question and it tells you none of the other questions were on the test and that you need to write a thousand word essay on xyz… very crafty 😉 Ok so I think it’s the element of danger, the “whats he going to do now” factor, your unpredictability and lack of respect for authority. I think there’s probably some shared values on whole life thing too, most importantly you have good chat.

Thanks very much to Ryan and Mark for the fantastic read. You can catch them both DJing at Pikes this Sunday along with a whole host of other fine characters. See you by the pool!


Our trusty residents The Brothers Grim want to eat your brains. On take Tuesday 31st October they take over Pikes for a Halloween horror show transforming the iconic venue into The Haunted Hotel. A terrifying renovation will envelope Pikes’ gardens and dancefloors as our once idilic hotel takes a turn towards the disturbed. Certainly not for the faint hearted, this most unsettling of events has a rotten core and promises to put the fear into even the most hardened of souls.

In the true spirit of Ibiza anything goes at Pikes Hotel on Halloween. A frighteningly good selection of DJs will perform across 4 suicidal soundsystems along with live performances and installations designed to make you sweat!



Leave your children at home for this one! This is a party for adults, adults that like to be shocked as much as they like to be entertained. The Haunted Hotel opens it’s gates to the ravens call at 21:00 and runs through till dawn.

This is a strictly ticket only event. No ticket, No Entry. Anybody arriving without a ticket will be dealt with speedily, without prejudice, by the hounds of hell. Limited 15 euro tickets will be available from hotel reception from Sunday the 8th October. Tickets must be collected before 30th October but may sell out before then.

Head over here to see the full photo album from last year’s fight night.



This sunday we’re taking a week off and setting our sights on our Winter Opening Party on Sunday 8th October. Ibiza is a funny place when it comes to the seasons as there appears to be only two. And so with Autumn swiftly sidestepped we are happy to announce we will continue our Sunday activities all the way up until the end of October. With the nights drawing in and the tourists leaving the happy locals to it, we will now kick things off at midday and run through until midnight each week. 12 hours of poolside fun!

To start the new season off with a bang we are very happy to welcome the one and only Paul Woolford who makes his Pikes On Sundays debut. We will admit that sometimes on the blog we throw around a few too many hyperboles, such is the nature of the beast, however when it comes to Paul Woolford these words are most certainly justified. There are few DJs that we hold in as high esteem as Paul, as made apparent in his long serving role as resident for We Love… Space. In our eyes he was the undisputed champion of the Terrace for many years and with a few shifts of pace later down the line he cemented his position as a master of the Discoteca too. As a producer he has made music at the cutting edge of electonica spanning house, techno, minimal and all things in-between and under his Special Request moniker he has released some of our favourite dance music of the last 10 years. He is listed by many of our DJ friends as their favourite DJ and we can certainly see where they are coming from. Also, and perhaps more importantly, he’s a really nice chap and we can’t wait to hang out with him by the pool!

Also supplying the sounds we are very happy to welcome back Jim Breese of Balearic Recs fame who plays Pikes On Sundays for the second year running. Jim has invited along Chema Malibu to join the fun. Chema has been a resident DJ on Salinas beach for over 25 years so he certainly knows a thing or two about a balearic song selcetion. Let’s see how he copes with the tranisition from seaside to poolside! Our final guest of the day is our old friend Dirty Pop, one of the best Welshmen we have ever met. Our trusty residents The Brothers Grim complete the lineup with their usual dose of humour, whit, positivity and sublime sunday sounds.

Our Sunday Roasts are looking even more appealing now the temperature has calmed down a bit. We are close to selling out tables for this already so if you feel like joining us for a yorkshire pudding give Pikes a call on 0034 971 34 22 22 and reserve a your spot!

That’s just about it really. Apart from one more little thing. HALLOWEEN IS COMING! More info soon.


After Friday and Saturday nights out with the Manchester Massive The Brothers Grim arrived poolside slightly worse for wear this Sunday gone. Nothing left to do but get stuck straight back into it. At this time of the season we like to start things of on an ambient tip, this seemed to work a treat this week as we soothed the souls of the gathered sick and tired (from the previous evenings shenanigans) in a true Recovery style, effortlessly slipping through the genres of dub electronics and soundtrack selections until the slightly late arrival of our man of the moment – Ruf Dug – who drifted in on his usual cloud of ganga smoke carrying a box of delights.

As the day progressed and the sun reached it’s highway mark Justin Harris took control of the decks for a rare non house music set, borrowing a Brothers headphone jack with the promise to return it straight after his set (how many times have you fallen for that old chestnut?!?) meaning it was never to be seen again. Not at all bitter or angry about this obviously as Justin did us proud with his selections and we’re told it’s not necessary to buy a whole new set of headphones and that headphone jacks can be bought on their own. Where exactly we’re not sure but we’ve got a few days to find out before it really does become a problem and we become both bitter and angry!

Next up Luke Unabomber and James Holroyd scheduled to play a two hour B2B set. Not a long set admittedly but when we were thinking about the programming we took into account their collective ages as being around the 100 + year old mark and thinking that they might also be tired from playing out the last couple of  nights it seemed to make some kinda sense…However on sitting back and listening to them it very quickly became apparent that there would be no following these two. Five hours later with the odd interjection from Ruffles the poolside was still packed, rewinds a plenty, good times with good people. A true Pikes On Sundays musical highlight for anybody gathered and lucky enough to witness the Manchester Refuge Recovery takeover

And now just before we hang up our ear phones for another summer (we close this week and skip the 1st of October opening again on the 8th October with winter opening times to reflect the changing season) we have one last blast for the poolside faithful.

Joining us this week are two friends of the family who we have known for some time. Having first come across Ben Terry and Matty J whilst programming rooms at Space, delving into the further reaches of disco, funk and boogie. They helped us pick and program the El Salon and occasionally featured there themselves. These where always the most successful forays into that sound, when they both played extended sets together bringing the curious into the intimate setting to enjoy something very new and unique to Ibiza at the time. Always keeping an eye on the floor whilst being brave enough to never fall into the obvious. We expect this week to be a pure and wonderful adventure into their sound.

Did somebody shout BOMB-SCARE ?!? We fucking hope not! 2 Bad Mice (Sean OKeeffe to his friends) has been a longtime visiter to Pikes On Sundays and has followed what we do there pretty much since the get go so it was an easy decision for us to make when he approached us the last time he was staying on the island with his request to play. We love to include curve balls in our programming and really can’t wait to hear what he has to say for himself this week, not really knowing Sean too well we have absolutely no idea what to expect but we think he’s going to fit right in!

Now as The Brothers Grim are attending The Liverpool Psychedelic Festival this weekend and only return just in time to open the doors they have called in the help of longstanding poolside palls DJ Callum and Jon Woodall. No better men to help the Brothers through tricky times, to help buoy them along, to buy them beers, then these two stalwarts of Sunday. They need no further introduction to the Pikes On Sundays posse outside of a quick mention of it being Callum’ Birthday. Come help us give him the bumps.

As Always roast reservations required and as always we guarantee the finest music you have ever heard in your life. See you by the pool!


Bittersweet memories of last week as we said goodbye to our poolside pall Artwork. Arthur has been a constant this summer, staying on well past his bedtime most Saturdays of his six week residency. As far as we can remember missing only one Sunday session this season. We played him out in fine fashion playing for him and his mate Sam (Maxi Soundsystem) for the final couple of hours poolside. A magical mashup of urban Balearic belters getting rewound & rewound until even the staff left us alone poolside. Turn the lights out and lock the door when you’ve finished fellahs!

And so to this week and yet another sad goodbye as we say our final adios’ to Simon Ruf Dug our trusty ‘other’ Brother of the band of Grims. It seems to have flown and here we are headed into Autumn with a hearty “one last tune” I can only guess at which one he’ll end up playing. A bloody good guess like but let’s see !

Joining Simon and the ‘other’ Brothers this week will be Mancunian and Acid House stalwarts Luke Cowdrey (Unabomber) and James ‘Boggy’ Holyroyd.

James, having played one of our favourite sets of the summer so far at Love International / Croatia looks set to wow anybody looking on this week with his impeccable selections. Further, on hearing Luke Unabombers Pioneer DJ Radio mix earlier this week we are inclined to believe that the combination of these two could in fact turn out to be the set of the summer.

Adding further support we have another firm favourite Pikes regular, Justin harris. Justin is usually found playing his Freaky beats and pieces in the darker recesses of Freddies at his monthly Music For Freaks parties but in keeping with our manifesto to bring out the denizens of house music to showcase the music they listen to at home and with a little gentle persuasion we have managed to get him to join us poolside to show us what he’s got. As always this is a treat for anybody mildly interested in our scene to witness and probably the only place on the island this is likely to happen at this moment in time

As always reservations for Roasts are recommended and can be made by calling Pikes on 0034 971 34 22 22. Gracias amigos and see you on Sunday!

PS we know we’ve duplicated that song a few times, but believe us, that’s nothing compared with what Ruf Dug can do with this!



Roll up, roll up, it’s time for a residents rumble! After the glitz and glamour of last Sunday’s fantastic Freddie Rocks event which saw an extended Sunday session welcome performances from Faithless’ Sister Bliss, Bushwacka!, Rusty Egan, David Phillips, Ben Murphy, Andy Carroll and much much more, this week we have decided to keep things simple and we’ll let our residents do the talking for the full 15 hour session. Step up Ruf Dug, Jon Woodall and The Brothers Grim.

Speaking of The Brothers Grim, on Sunday gone they were broadcast to the world via Pioneer DJ Radio and Ibiza Sonica for two two and a half hours of their five hour set. Captured live between 15:00 and 17:30, have a listen to the recording above and find out what an afternoon at Pikes On Sundays really sounds like.

You can also treat your ears to this simply delicious selection from Ruf Dug opening the proceedings a few weeks back, again recorded live from the Pikes On Sundays poolside DJ booth, this time between 13:00 and 15:00. Relax and allow the subtle tones and ethereal notes to wash over you like a cooling breeze on a hot September afternoon; let your mind wander back to our beloved piece of paradise. This is the sound of Sundays!

We have a few tables left for Sunday lunch this week. To make your reservation give Pikes a call on 0034 971 34 22 22. Act fast as they will soon be gone and your dream of a Yorkshire pudding in the sun will be gone for another week. We’re back to our usual opening times this week kicking things off at 1pm and going through until 2am (ish) on Monday morning. Gracias amigos and see you on Sunday!