That really was another one for the memory banks, a truly great day with everything we look for from the Pikes On Sundays experience. The music was brilliant all day long; appropriate to the time and setting, interesting and diverse, a mix of old and new and put together in a confident and considered manner. Much love to all our DJs who brought their A-Game and a special shout out to David Phillips who played a brilliant extended set throughout the day and into the small hours of monday morning. We have a recording from the afternoon hours here, it’s mostly dave with some contributions from Buckley, Andrew Livesey and Jon Woodall. Hit play and transport yourself to the Pikes poolside.

The roast on Sunday was also particularly good and the kitchen appears to be firing on all cylinders as we pass the halfway mark of the Summer. We were completely fully booked by Thursday last week meaning well over 200 Yorkshire puddings served and consumed. The sweetcorn and green chilli soup starter was out of this world and hailed by many as “the best soup we’ve ever eaten”. The beef was ‘bloody’ delicious and the veggies tasted as good as we’ve ever had. As we say each week, if you would like to join us for a roast be sure to reserve your table quickly by calling Pikes on 0034 971 34 22 22. We will be sold out soon!

Coming up for your listening pleasure this Sunday we have enlisted the help of some returning friends and family. It’s fairly rare to get Paul T and Stretford Dogs Club in Ibiza, it’s even rarer to get them here at the same time. They both made their Pikes On Sundays debuts last Summer and we couldn’t be happier to welcome them back again this week. Ibiza Sonica’s finest selector and all round good egg Andy Wilson is back again with his usual brand of balearic treats and other worldly beats. Brother Mark is STILL away taking care of business in Croatia so Brother Andrew is back once again keeping things as Grim as possible all day long.

Many thanks to everyone who has been supporting us this Summer, we’ve been really enjoying ourselves and in the process we hope we’ve calved out our own little piece of Balearic goodness. We hope you will continue to share this with us and if it’s your first time we hope you’ll come and give it a whirl! Action as always from 1pm until 2am (ish!). Gracias amigos.



Last Sunday saw a great coming together of nations as our UK based representatives PBR Streetgang bridged the gap between pseudo-balearians Ruf Dug and Andrew Livesey and Italy’s renaissance men Riccio and Lorenzo. Quite the melting pot we’re sure you’ll agree and the ensuing musical melange was simply magical! Many thanks to all involved for their input.

This week we’re celebrating the birthday of one of our longest serving and most trusted regular guests. Having played more Pikes On Sundays parties than anyone, outside of your hosts The Brothers Grim, Jon Woodall knows the score better than most and we are very happy he has chosen to celebrate his birthday with us. We Love you Jon. Come and wish him well if you think he deserves it. We’ve asked a few of Jon’s nearest and dearest to come and add to the mix on the day with man like Buckley representing for the West Yorkshire connect and everyone’s favourite hotelier David Phillips keeping things cool with his distinctive Balearic swagger. Brother Andrew seals the deal on what will be a truly magnificent Sunday selection.

Any last minute reservations for Sunday Roasts need to go to Pikes by calling them on 0034 971 34 22 22. Again please be aware we sell out well before show day so act now if you’re craving some gravy. We’ve got lots more to come on the blog this week with music and interviews from our guests and residents so keep your eyes peeled. In the mean time head over here for 6 hours of the best music you’ve ever heard in your life. Gracias amigos and see you on Sunday!




We had an absolute blast on Sunday! We made some new friends, were reunited with old friends, amazed a few people and annoyed a few more; all in all a fantastic way to round out your weekend! Much love to all our DJs who delivered to the highest order. Our trusty residents The Brothers Grim kicked the day off in fine style before making way for a spectacular, albeit slightly hungover, Neil Diablo who then handed control to Pikes debutants Mr Solid Gold & Rolfie. The first timers did the business leaving Ruf Dug to finish things off by the pool up until Midnight. With what seemed like the entire broadcasting team of Radio 1 in attendance Ruf Dug took control again in Chez Fez culminating in an impromptu Back To Back set with friend of the family Artwork. As one couple of merry attendees put it, Pikes On Sundays delivers “the best music we’ve ever heard”

This Sunday we have another set of sonic treats lined up for you. Up there with our favourite DJs of all time, PBR Streetgang are back on the island for a few gigs at The Zoo Project and Circoloco and so we jumped at the opportunity to fit them in for another Pikes Sessions. The daring duo will be playing the last few hours by the pool and then helping out with the kick on inside in Chez Fez. Resident Ruf Dug is back for his third session of the Summer and will be playing the opening set from 1pm onwards. If your looking for the smoothest of subtle sounds then we recommend this set for you; he’s a true master of the music suitable for this time of day so come on down if you’re into the finer things in life. Our Italian envoy Riccio has enlisted the help of fellow countryman Lorenzo this week and the duo will play a special extended set in the early afternoon. Brother Mark is away in Croatia for the rest of August so Brother Andrew is left to represent all things Grim and will be doing so firmly back off the wagon after a dry start to the month. Check this fantastic mix from Lorenzo to set the tone; it’s a 100% Italian job!

We had a few sad looking campers this week who turned up looking to get their roast fix but without having reserved a table. We are usually fully booked for these by around friday afternoon so act now if you want a yorkshire pudding this weekend. To reserve call Pikes on 0034 971 34 22 22. Luckily our bar menu is spectacular and the burger soon turned a few of those frowns the right way around and the afternoon was saved! The bar menu is available from 12:00 all day long with no reservation required.

Keep your eyes locked to the blog this week for more musical meanderings from our residents and guest selectors and don’t forget to like our Facebook page if you’re into that kind of thing! Gracias amigos and see you all on Sunday!



Week 9 already! How did that happen?! It must be true what they say, time flies when you’re having fun. And for that reason last Sunday went by in a flash. We celebrated our co-founder Sarah Broadbent’s birthday in fine style, leaping from rooftops, Champagne a popping and all the usual fun of the fair. Many happy returns Sarah, we hope you enjoyed yourself! Big thanks to our DJs too who all brought their A game too. Big ups to Jon Woodall, Simon Morell, Riccio, Phat Phil Cooper and our trusty residents The Brothers Grim.

This week big brother Mark is away exploring the Adriatic so Andrew Livesey has enlisted the best humans around to help fill his missing brother’s boots. First up is Pete Gooding. Pete has been a vital part of Ibiza’s music community for as long as we can remember. As a resident and booker at one of our favourite sunset spots Hostal La Torre, Pete is about as Balearic as you can get. Add to this his own fantastic record label and events series Secret Life, he’s one of the most accomplished music men in the Balearics and it’s a surprise it’s taken us this long to get him on down at Pikes On Sundays. Catch him poolside from 15:30. Next up is everyone’s favourite Kiwi Brydie Tong. Brydie has been part of our extended family for many years and consistently delivers the goods when she plays at Pikes. Brydie will be playing poolside in the early evening and then heading inside to Chez Fez with newcomer Desert Island Dad to take control of things in Chez Fez from midnight onwards. Sheffield’s finest DJ Callum makes a very welcome return to the poolside DJ booth where he will be supplying good stories and great music in equal measure. And last but by no means least Ben Murphy is back again for the third consecutive year of Pikes On Sundays. Ben has very kindly selected a few songs to get you in the mood –



Chassol – Odissi pt III (farewell) – I First heard this track a few years back at a rare live performance of Chassol’s Indiamore at London’s Southbank Meltdown festival . I love the energy and its a perfect ending to a masterpiece that combines looped film, live drums and piano, well worth a watch if you’ve never seen it.

Maajo – Maajo – One of my favourite tracks from the brilliant Topics of Tulli album that combines West African influences with house sounds and rhythms.

Richard Ace’s version of Stalin Alive – This was released within a few months of the original that everyone knows (loves or hates), a much subtler version and nice one to play at a poolside party.

BJ Smith – Runnin – Great Parody of The Pharcyde’s classic that reminds me of younger years living in Manchester, discovering new forms of music and nights like Electric Chair.”

Thanks very much Ben, lovely songs! As always Pikes On Sundays runs from 1pm until the small hours of Monday morning. Reservations are recommended if you would like to join us for a roast and Ocean Beach is recommended if you are looking for funky house! Gracias amigos.



Watch out, September’s about! Many thanks to all our DJs and visitors last week for another great day full of hijinks and musical delights. More of the same this sunday as we welcome back Pikes On Sundays favourites DJ Callum, Riccio and Jon Woodall. We managed to track Mark Broadbent down last week but lost Andrew Livesey and this week we seem to have got them mixed up again so Andrew represents on his own for The Brothers Grim. Hopefully next week we’ll have the duo back together in all their glory.

We’ve pretty much said all there is to say about the sunday roasts now and you seem to have gotten the message as we are fully booked days in advance most weeks. They are great. They come with gravy. They come with Yorkshire puddings. That’s all there is to it  😉 For reservations give Pikes a call on 0034 971 34 22 22. Keep an eye on the blog this week for a very special interview coming online shortly… See you on Sunday!




What a treat we’ve got lined up for you this week! For the third year in a row our good friend Jon Woodall joins us to celebrate his birthday. We started the tradition two years ago at We Love Space and continued it last year at our inaugural Pikes On Sundays season; we’re very happy he has decided to party with us once again this year on this special occasion. Good old Jon! To help him blow out the candles we’ve enlisted an all-star cast from our extended family. Mr Doris makes a very welcome return and for his first Pikes On Sundays gig of the summer he has invited Northern Funk impresario Smoove along too, the pair will play an extended 4 hour set by the pool, this really is not to be missed. Man like Buckley plays at Pikes for the first time ever and Jack Haighton backs up a stellar performance last year with an early-afternoon set. We still can’t seem to find Mark for some reason so Andrew Livesey represents for The Brothers Grim once again. Here’s a few song selections to get you in the mood.

Andrew Livesey Selects – 

“Four sides of a sunny afternoon. All tracks that I play in the first few hours of the poolside activities. I heard The Grouch record for the first time on a skateboarding video about 15 years ago and it’s stayed in my most played record selection since then; subtle steeze and as good as it gets.”

Smoove Selects – 

Quincy Jones – Summertime – Such a beautiful record, from the seductive strings to the sublime bassline as sampled by many hip hop producers alike but it’s the original version that always falls into my 45 box!

Larry Mcgee – The Burg A great rare soul cut from 1976. This record took me a while to find on 45 after I had my 12” version stolen (along with a whole record box of other delights) while on a train journey to Austria. I will be keeping my eye on this one from now on!

Curtis Mayfield – Trippin Out – The legend himself Mr Curtis Mayfield really captures something special on this 45 with his famous falsetto vocal over such a groovy syncopated bassline and soaring strings.

Massive Attack – Unfinished Sympathy – This is such crowd pleaser with this timeless, epic production and I love the way the Cello runs down while the string crescendo. Personally I prefer the instrumental version and always find myself flipping the 45 several times before I decide which version to play out!”

Mr Doris Selects – 

Willis Jackson – Nuther’N Like Thuther’N – Stone cold classic from 1963. It has this relentless horn going on throughout the piece which is just so infectious. Also an absolute bitch to mix which makes it even more rewarding when I manage to pull it off. God bless the loop function on Serato.

St Germain – Real Blues (Terry Laird & The Run Island Band Jazz Mix) – An incredible remix of an incredible original. Just when I was wondering if we would ever be graced with any more material from St. German, he comes out with a fantastically sublime album. Unfortunately I could not find the extended version (which is the one I often play) on YouTube so this will have to do.

Swamburger – Sun Vibes (Beef Wellington remix) – Pure sunshine hip hop vibes at it’s best. Reminds me of New Zealand for some reason? I think I may have dropped it when playing at a festival there with Chali 2na from Jurassic 5 (who is one of the nicest, most humblest guys I have ever had the honour to meet I would hasten to add).

Tim Maia – O Caminho Do Bem – More sunshine music, this time from the late, great Brazilian soul legend Tim Maia. This track is just so bloody organic it makes me want to learn Portugese and even though I can’t understand a single word that’s uttered I find myself singing along every time.”

Buckley Selects – 

The Fella Kuti – Water No Get Money – The perfect sound track to any lazy outdoor affair. 11 minutes long so enough time to go to the loo and still be back for the beautiful vocal that kicks in at nearly 6 mins.

Jimmy Smith – I’m Gonna Love You Just A Little Bit More – Love this barry white re work, not many can take on the walrus but this does the job! 

Jean Pierre Mirouze – Sexopolis – ‪Recorded in 1968, I just love how certain tracks can just‬ ‪transport you to a different time, place and era and this track‬ ‪does all of that for me transporting me to somewhere before my time! ‬

Leroy Burgess – Stranger – ‪The superb vocals of Leroy combined with New York legend Shep Pettibone‬ ‪on remix duties always makes me smile and they is something about the opening‬ ‪bar from the brass section that just says buckle-up, it’s party time!‬”

Jack Haighton Selects – 

Shuggie Otis – Aht Uh Mi Hed – I’m pretty late to the party discovering old Shuggie. So much to like about him: the name, the hair, the ’tache, the tunes. This is a particularly sweet one with a killer chord progression meted out on squelchy organ. I’ve been DJing at a few weddings this summer (career goal achieved) and this is peak cocktail-hour fare.

Patrice Rushen – To Each His Own – Classic R&B from ’84 that won’t ever sound old. Patrice Rushen has a voice like nectar, and the minimalist arrangement here shines a full light on it. Perfect for when you’re hungover on a Tuesday morning.

Cerrone – Love In C Minor – It doesn’t get much more limp-wristedly badass than this. The melodic breakdown at 4:30 is campy sci-fi music from the ‘70s at its fabulous best. Cerrone wrote so many massive tunes. He is a French hero.

King Crimson – I Talk To The Wind – I was at Nachtdigital festival the other week and the highlight by some measure (in a weekend of straight highlights) was a Giegling posse, made up of Konstantin, map.ache and Leafar Legov, providing the soundtrack to a Saturday afternoon on acid at the Ambient Stage. They dropped this at one point and the reaction was huge. As a friend remarked: “it’s comforting to think that even ambient music has its big-room bangers.”

Thanks very much for the fantastic selections! Looks like being a great party this one. We’ve got loads more coming up on the blog this week including info on our month long collaboration with the fantastic Urban In Ibiza so keep your eyes pealed. Sunday Roasts will be sold out in the next few days, you’ve been warned! If you would like to reserve call Pikes on 0034 971 34 22 22. Hasta pronto!




Delia Donkey is back. Last seen leaping into the pool at 2am a few months ago she’s been MIA for a while but this week she’s back in full force and she has invited some of her friends along to help celebrate her return. Sheffield’s finest, DJ Callum plays for the third time this Summer, our new favourite Italian Riccio makes his second appearance of the Summer and we’ve got debut performances from our old buddy Andy Carroll and our new buddy Big Lee. Andrew Livesey stands alone for The Brothers Grim this week as we seem to have misplaced Mark. Hopefully we’ll find him soon.

We still have a few places available for roasts this week but they will fill up shortly so if you’ve got a hankering for a Yorkshire Pudding be sure to give Pikes a call on 0034 606 685 731 and reserve your table. The slow roast pork ribs last week were unreal and the rice pudding with cherry jam blew my mind.

Pikes, Sunday Roast Fod Review

As always action from 2pm until 2am with fun by the pool until 23:30 and then moving into Chez Fez for a good old knees-up for the last few hours. Kids club open until 6pm, roasts served until 8pm and the finest cocktails know to man available all day long. Free to one and all. Hasta pronto amigos!