This week’s Music Master is Jason Bye. Jason and Mark Broadbent clearly have a lot of affection for each other so we’ll let them do the talking from here on in!

MARK BROADBENT – I was traveling in Mexico around the Christmas of 1998 after finishing our final season at Amnesia for Cream, I made a call home to let everybody there know that we were both okay  (this was a time before Facebook and emails so that’s what you had to do then, simpler times). I Spoke to my wife’s parents who said I had to call Darren Hughes (original Cream Liverpool head honcho and my then boss) quickly as he needed us to go to Australia and head up a new club Home in Sydney that he was involved in that had gotten off on the wrong foot with the management seemingly upsetting their target audience right from the start. He reckoned that we should go over there for a few months and try inject a little bit of what we had been doing in Ibiza there, try get the locals excited about the new venture, take a bit of the old Acid House spirit to Sydney and hopefully mix things up a bit. We’d been in Mexico for three months already and were wondering where to head next and in the back of my mind I’d always been curious about Australia so we said yeah why not.

For the next week I was thinking about what we could do there and how best to go about it, right from the start I had one idea in my head that I knew would make our work there far easier. I agreed to go to Sydney on the proviso that I could choose my main resident Dj to take with us.

We’d been at Amnesia the previous two summers and I’d met Jason Bye the resident DJ there, he played all the parties every night of the week, he’d been doing this for a few years and had honed his skills playing Foam Parties, 80’s Nights, Italian Psy-Trance, Old School Rave nights, Spanish nights and big commercial UK based promotions. He was simply out of this world. I have seen the guy walk into a room (any room with any type of people) and within three records he knows 100% what to play for the rest of the night to have that crowd eating out of the palm of his hand….for anything up to ten fucking hours!

Anyway to cut a long story short three months turned into almost three years in Sydney, we had many many madcap adventures and became firm friends, we’ve worked together ever since and I can not imagine a time when I’m putting on parties – however big or small  – where I would not want Jason Bye to be involved. Jason Bye is one of the best Djs that you’ll ever see/hear and this is why he is this weeks Music Master.

JASON BYE – I met Mark Broadbent I think in 1997, I was the resident Dj at Amnesia at the time and I had to pop into the club one afternoon. He was in the main room putting up the decor for cream later that evening, he had longer hair than me at the time and looked like he just walked straight out of Thailand into Ibiza. We said hello and had a little chat, I don’t really remember what was said but we got on straight away. We have had some pretty amazing times since then, from cream in amnesia to home nightclub in Sydney & Bondi beach and of course all them years at space on Sundays. I can pretty much say that I taught mark how to be diplomatic when it comes to dealing with people in Ibiza instead of curbing them, and that’s something he taught me how to do instead. 

MB – When did you first become interested in music and what was the first record that you bought for yourself?

JB – I remember that I must of been about 8 or 9 years old when I walked into Woolworth’s and purchased either ‘Carly Simon – Why’ or it could have been ‘Fat Larry’s Band – Zoom’

MB – Growing up did you have anybody that influenced your tastes in music and where would you go as a young man to hear the music that you loved?

JB – My influences were all over the place, I loved listening to a lot of electro like Planet Rock & looking for the perfect beat by Africa bambata and the soul sonic force and Tim westwood on LWR radio was a massive influence at the time. But I also listened to James Brown, Alantic Soul records and Motown.

MB – You’ve been on the island and played at many places during your time here but how did this come to be? How did a young lad from Walthamstow get to be resident at some of the greatest clubs in the world and where did it all start for you on Ibiza?

JB – Well I came to Ibiza in 1992 on a club 18-30 holiday and was hooked by how the Island made me feel so I decided to come back the following year and get a job in a bar, and so as luck would have it Javier Anadon gave me a job in his bar called Bucanero in San An bay after I got into a fight with his bar manager. I was mainly collecting glasses and cleaning up and working behind the bar everyday of the week until I started going in before the bar would open and practise on the decks. The following year Javier opened mambo and invited me to play, I don’t really know what anyone was expecting because I’d never really played out properly apart from a few gigs down the West End in San Antonio. But I knew my tunes, I always had done and so I played and its was amazing, Alex and Brandon were in there with Coxy and Jon Kelly and the likes and they ripped the shit out off me but I could handle it. They asked me to play every day after that and I did.

MB – You’ve held some amazing residencies over the years, which one of push comes to shove do you remember with the fondest memories and why is this?

JB – That’s difficult because each residency has been so different. Mambo I would say is my home, it’s where I learnt how to DJ and then Amnesia was like a dream come true, I felt like I was becoming part of the island’s history in a big way. Then you got Home night club in Sydney which blew my mind with how good it was, it was like nothing else in the world mattered except what was going on in the city at the time. And of course Space, I wasn’t sad when space closed, it had run its time. You could never re create the days of the old Terrace on a Sunday because those clubbers defined a generation that the island will never see again and have tried to replicate ever since, which is not a bad thing but I’m just glad I was playing there when it was going off proper.

MB – You run a successful record label and make lots of tracks yourself but the first track that you ever made was an edit of a Boney M classic that you had high hopes for, can you tell us a little about the track, how it came to be and what happened to it?

JB – Haha, it was about 1996 I think, I just started out with first studio set up and I did this disco thing with ‘Ma Baker’ I remember my mate H was round the house listening and I was going on about how massive it was gonna be. I put it on a TDK tape and sent it to a label, I cant remember which one. I never got a reply, shame there loss haha, would love to hear it again but I think I posted the only copy of it.

MB – Your able to time travel as a person of your choosing to a specific time and place to visit historical music event for the weekend where would you go and who would you be?

JB – I would probably go back to NYE 1999 on Bondi Beach and watch the millennium come in again but this time be a punter on the beach. Or any Beatles concert in Liverpool or Hamburg in the early sixties.

MB – Your a London Lad and I’m guessing that you spent your formative years going out to clubs and pubs around where you grew up. You have also played all over the country, where and when was it the best time to be alive and out on the town on a Saturday night?

JB – I would have to say when I left London, I got loads of mates of course that I went out with but I never really felt like I fell into that stereotypical London clubber. When I first got to Sydney I felt like I was proper in the zone having the time of my life. I learnt a lot in Australia, good and bad.

MB – We have worked together on many parties all over the world, is there one that stands out to you as being particularly good?

JB – When we used to put the decks down on the dancefloor in amnesia and played till like 9 or 10 am. They were the best parties.

MB – What do you sing in the shower?

JB – The Romantics – Talking in your sleep.

MB – If you had to make a choice of only ever being able to listen to either ‘rock’ music or ‘dance’ music for the rest of your life which genera would you choose?

JB – I cant answer that, I love them both equally but not at the same time, I go through phases. Totally unfair question, haha!

Thanks very much to Jason and Mark for a great insight into their entwined history. Jason plays this Sunday with a load more fantastic DJs.



Last Sunday our intrepid residents The Brothers Grim spread the Pikes cheer across the high seas to Manchester’s fantastic Refuge as part of the Electric Weekender leaving our beloved poolside session in the very capable hands of Jon Woodall, Andy Wilson, Coyote and Guy Williams who delivered a suitably raucous afternoon of fun in the sun. This week the brothers are back and it’s time to get fully stuck in to Pikes on Sundays 2017 as for the first time this year we open Chez Fez and begin our extended sessions partying on into the wee hours of monday morning.

Bringing the noise for this special event we have a very special selection of DJs. Fresh from wowing the Mancunian masses last week, Leo Mas is back for his second poolside appearance after a standout set at last Summer’s Pikes On Sundays. It goes without saying how happy we are to have Leo back with us, his influence within our community throughout his career has been significant and far-reaching but more importantly we love the music he plays. Also playing by the pool we welcome the prince of San Antonio Jason Bye. Our relationship with Jason spans continents and decades having worked with him around the world for more than 20 years. He is one of the finest DJs we have ever heard and we’re thrilled to have him with us this Sunday afternoon. We are also very happy to welcome back Riccio for his first Pikes On Sundays set of 2017, he too will be playing by the pool with The Brothers Grim.

That about wraps up the daytime activities and now onto the night! For our first Chez Fez party of 2017 we will be handing the controls over to non other than Terry Farley, Steve Lee and Dave Jarvis. Having founded Junior Boys Own back in the early 90s Terry Farley’s history within the scene weaves its way through the tapestry of Dance Music folklore. Although Terry has been in and out of Ibiza for close to 3 decades as far as we can remember this will be the first time he has played at Pikes. He will play the final hour by the pool before heading inside at midnight where he will play an extended set with friends and fellow history makers Steve Lee and Dave Jarvis. We really couldn’t be happier with this lineup and we hope that you can make it down to help celebrate with us! Terry has kindly selected a few songs and written a few words about each choice to help get us in the mood.

Patti Labelle – Music is my life – Quite simply MUSIC GAVE ME MY LIFE. Everything I have done, places I have visited and the wonders I’ve seen have been because my Llove of music gave me a living as a DJ / Remixer / Label owner. Patti’s words are everything i feel about my lucky life x.

Sister Sledge  – Lost in music – The Dimitri From Paris studio rework is an absolute joy, the multi tracks are explored perfectly and instruments that sat back in the mix become stars and shine. Just like the Patti record this is an ode to dancefloor perfection and a great Foundation tune that gets the girls and boys screaming in delight.

Joe Goddard – Home (Morgan Geist Remix) – HOUSE meets SOUL meets a 40 year old Disco sample (Brainstorm). Morgan Geist is a true innovator and his beats on this are spot on. Great vocals, great song and that Brainstorm hook, sublime.

T Connection – At Midnight   70’s percussive Disco anthem that everybody loves and as we start DJing at Midnight its perfect to set the tone with. One of those records that suits the outdoors / festivals / special parties.

A fine selection we’re sure you’ll agree and we can’t wait to hear them in the most intimate of settings – Chez Fez. Although we’ve put special thought into the music and programming for this week being the opening of our extended sessions with an eye on the evening’s events, the Sunday roasts are of course still on the menu and as we hit the first week of June we have extended the capacity of the restaurant to welcome even more hungry humans looking for their yorkshire pudding fix. Table reservations are recommended and can be made by calling Pikes on 0034 971 34 22 22 or dropping them an email here. If you’re not looking to eat but simply to move your feet then come on down as and when you like, Pikes On Sundays is a free event and anyone is welcome at anytime. We will be kicking off the music at 1pm and running all the way through until around 2am.

It’s been 50 years since The Summer Of Love and so far we’re loving this anniversary season, come on down to the most Balearic of settings this Sunday and treat your soul to a similar dose of care and affection.





Look who’s back! It’s only our old friends from We Love Space Mat Playford and Jason Bye! There are few people more closely related to our Ibiza histories than Mat and Jason. Mat was resident at We Love for many years and even released the inaugural artist album on We Love Recordings. And then there’s Jason. Jason’s adventures with Mark and Sarah span not only decades but also continents, working together at Home in Sydney in the previous century, then onto Cream at Amnesia and of course 15 years of Sundays at Space. And now we all get to hang-out once again at our new home Pikes, we can’t wait. Craig Christon joins the party for his Pikes On Sundays debut and your favourite residents The Brothers Grim are back in action once more.

We’ve got a few songs to get you in the mood here:

Andrew Livesey Selects – 

“A Fairly blessed out selection this week. It’s so hot at the moment that these kind of triply jams work really well early afternoon as people lounge by the pool. Heady sounds for the heads.”

Mat Playford Selects – 

‪Electronic System – Skylab‬ – Old-school jazzy piano/organ/synth workouts. This one is 14 mins long. A friend from my home town put me on to this one. I was looking for a tune that said hot, very hot for a mix for someone on a hot day this year! Will be cool around the pool.

Samurai – Jazztronik‬ – Japanese band  who are amazing live  Reminds me of when a group of us owned a record shop a good few years ago… PBR streetgang, Acid Mondays, Tristan Dacunha, Ben Brophy and myself use to jam to this one a lot many moons ago…

‪Charlie – Spacer Woman‬ – I love this tune. I first heard it on my favourite radio station intergalactic fm, a Dutch station that plays lots of this sort of stuff. Synth magic, loads of flange and a lovely European lady doing the top line… The machines were becoming strong in 1983. Aliens ‘n’ all. 

Laser – Laser‬ – Disco Moogings. I’ve had this record for over 25 years always managed to keep it safe. I feel like this is record influenced me… Weird but true and I’m not sure why… It’s kitsch as hell and has a drilling synth melody! Reach for them there Laser’s!!”

Jason Bye Selects – 

The Romantics – Talking In Your Sleep – Such an incredible record. I love it so much. This band is from Detroit early 80’s, I wonder if they Jeff and Derrick?

Voyage Voyage – Desireless – Proper on holiday 1985ish with the folks. Cant beat it, so much feeling in the tune, proper terry.

Modern Talking – Brother Louie – Another holiday classic, if only the cheese these days was as good as this instead of that effin Avid Fetta. 

Talking Heads – Wild Wild Life – I love this band, always thought they were Australian. Such a Jolly tune, love it after a good nights sleep, Fair dinkum.”

Mark Broadbent Selects – 

Quarry Hollow – The Path Of Tranquility – Mark E sounding like an unlikely jam session between Tangerine Dream, Terry Riley, Can and the Idjut Boys – all picturesque synthesizer lines, attractive cyclical melodies, fuzzy guitar textures and rolling, organic percussion. It’s utterly sublime. It’s Nu Kraut!

Cantona – Paloma (Mudd’s Selder Loris Mix) – Wonderful blissed out reworking of a classic slab of Balearica. August gets hot, people get angry, dogs bite, relationships strained. We get chilled by the pool every Sunday to sounds like this.

Sratus – Tisno – Been listening to a lot of music in this vein recently in readiness of our first sunset session this coming Monday at Hostel La Torre and this beauty – aptly – named after the town in Croatia where we hold our incredible string of summer festivals is just about perfect. Is it possible to make a more Balearic track? answers on an MP3 please.

Simon Peter – Arc Of Lark – Really surprising myself with these chilled selections today, it’s genuinely how I’m feeling, wearing my feelings on my sleeve. Hope your feeling similar. Trumpet remind me of Matthew Halsall but it’s not him, flute reminds me of someone else but it’s not them. Don’t know who Simon Peter is either but this works for me…”

Thanks very much to Andrew, Mat, Jason and Mark for the selections. We are already fully booked for sunday lunch this week but we have a great bar menu available all day long and the finest selection of drinks on offer this side of Zanzibar. The kids club is still operational each week from 2pm – 6pm and the pool is looking more and more inviting as the summer heats up. 2pm till 2am. See you on Sunday!