We’ve got something a bit special lined up on Sunday 5th August. Along with the usual Pikes On Sundays poolside action we are very happy to welcome the one and only Mark Ronson to Freddies for a one-off Tales Of The Unexpected presents: Club Heartbreak.

It’s easy to throw around hyperbole when describing musicians and we admit we have fallen foul of this in the past. We must now have a list of “our favourite artists” as long as the queue for passport control in Ibiza airport; but this time we are very sure of ourselves. Mark Ronson is a modern-day icon, a true master of his craft and through his genre spanning albums, production work and collaborations he has been responsible for some of the most important music of our time. To see him play in as intimate a space as Freddies will surely be one for the already steeped history books of our beloved Pikes Hotel.

We will open Freddies at 22:00 with our weekly resident Jon Woodall on warmup duties. Jon has played more music in Pikes than anyone this year and knows the place like the back of his toes and we can’t think of anyone better to hand over the controls to Mr RonsonFederico Grazzini completes the bill in Freddies playing a specially prepared Tales Of The Unexpected set rounding out a night to remember!

As always Pikes On Sundays will start at 14:00 with poolside treats and pieces from The Brothers Grim and their merry gang of friends and family. Tables for the famous Sunday Roast are still available throughout the day but selling out fast. To book a table call Pikes on 0034 971 34 22 22. All daytime guests will be allowed entrance to the nighttime party (providing you are 25 or older). For people arriving after 22:00 guest list is absolutely essential and can be applied for here.  Again as with all Pikes events this is 25 or older and guest list does not guarantee entry so dress to impress 😉

Come dine, drink and dance with us!









Roll up, roll up, it’s time for a residents rumble! After the glitz and glamour of last Sunday’s fantastic Freddie Rocks event which saw an extended Sunday session welcome performances from Faithless’ Sister Bliss, Bushwacka!, Rusty Egan, David Phillips, Ben Murphy, Andy Carroll and much much more, this week we have decided to keep things simple and we’ll let our residents do the talking for the full 15 hour session. Step up Ruf Dug, Jon Woodall and The Brothers Grim.

Speaking of The Brothers Grim, on Sunday gone they were broadcast to the world via Pioneer DJ Radio and Ibiza Sonica for two two and a half hours of their five hour set. Captured live between 15:00 and 17:30, have a listen to the recording above and find out what an afternoon at Pikes On Sundays really sounds like.

You can also treat your ears to this simply delicious selection from Ruf Dug opening the proceedings a few weeks back, again recorded live from the Pikes On Sundays poolside DJ booth, this time between 13:00 and 15:00. Relax and allow the subtle tones and ethereal notes to wash over you like a cooling breeze on a hot September afternoon; let your mind wander back to our beloved piece of paradise. This is the sound of Sundays!

We have a few tables left for Sunday lunch this week. To make your reservation give Pikes a call on 0034 971 34 22 22. Act fast as they will soon be gone and your dream of a Yorkshire pudding in the sun will be gone for another week. We’re back to our usual opening times this week kicking things off at 1pm and going through until 2am (ish) on Monday morning. Gracias amigos and see you on Sunday!


Last Sunday saw a great coming together of nations as our UK based representatives PBR Streetgang bridged the gap between pseudo-balearians Ruf Dug and Andrew Livesey and Italy’s renaissance men Riccio and Lorenzo. Quite the melting pot we’re sure you’ll agree and the ensuing musical melange was simply magical! Many thanks to all involved for their input.

This week we’re celebrating the birthday of one of our longest serving and most trusted regular guests. Having played more Pikes On Sundays parties than anyone, outside of your hosts The Brothers Grim, Jon Woodall knows the score better than most and we are very happy he has chosen to celebrate his birthday with us. We Love you Jon. Come and wish him well if you think he deserves it. We’ve asked a few of Jon’s nearest and dearest to come and add to the mix on the day with man like Buckley representing for the West Yorkshire connect and everyone’s favourite hotelier David Phillips keeping things cool with his distinctive Balearic swagger. Brother Andrew seals the deal on what will be a truly magnificent Sunday selection.

Any last minute reservations for Sunday Roasts need to go to Pikes by calling them on 0034 971 34 22 22. Again please be aware we sell out well before show day so act now if you’re craving some gravy. We’ve got lots more to come on the blog this week with music and interviews from our guests and residents so keep your eyes peeled. In the mean time head over here for 6 hours of the best music you’ve ever heard in your life. Gracias amigos and see you on Sunday!




As Ibiza sweats under an unseasonably sticky June, Pikes On Sundays remains cool as a cucumber. That said, it appears the heat may have gotten the better of a few people as the walk from the restaurant to the pool proved a little too long and a more direct route was required. We do not condone this behaviour, but we do enjoy it 😉

Horseplay and tomfoolery aside, we would like to pass a huge thanks to all of our DJs for their contributions this week. We’ve already spent a long time extolling the virtues of Bernie Connor in previous blog posts and he delivered beyond even our very high expectations. Simply divine music from a very nice man. Watch this space for some more feedback on Bernie’s set soon. Our two other guest selectors Gareth Potter and Bonar Bradberry also delivered the goods throughout the day. A deliciously smooth and considered dose of Welsh Balearica from Gareth and an expertly executed evening of electronica from Bonar. Thanks again to all three guests, you really did us proud!

Now looking forward to this week and the boys are back in town! Joining everyone’s favourite residents The Brothers Grim are fellow northern monkeys Jon Woodall and Simon Morell. Both Jon and Simon know how to enjoy themselves and we can’t wait to see what they get up to given free range throughout Pikes’ sprawling grounds and into Chez Fez later as we move things inside. Expect good times, bad jokes and great music. We are also very happy to welcome back our Italian envoy Riccio who makes his second Pikes On Sundays appearance of 2017. A strong team we’re sure you’ll agree. We will be kicking things off at the usual time of 1pm and running through to the wee hours of Monday morning. Sunday lunches are now consistently selling out by Saturday so if you would like to book your table be sure to do so promptly by calling Pikes on 0034 971 34 22 22. Of course if you’re not wanting to eat with us then our doors are open all day long so if you’re in the area be sure to come down and say hello at anytime. Decompress with a cocktail after the beach or come and watch the sunset from our roof top viewing area. At Pikes On Sundays we’ve got something for everyone!




Thanks and BIG LOVE to our comrades in arms Ralph Lawson and Matthew (Krysko) who wowed us with something very different last week, both playing sets that must have had them digging deeply into their record collections the week leading up to them getting onboard. Dub Reggae and electronic goodness drifting across the pool and out into the surrounding countryside seemed to capture the spirit of Spring perfectly and we were visited by literally hundreds of migratory birds who must have picked up on the peaceful vibes ensuing. Jon Woodall and Sebastian Spring complimented The Brothers Grim perfectly, playing side by side by side well into dusk. Great feedback from everybody who came and hung out with a special mention to one of 2 Bad Mice who has become a semi regular visitor poolside of late. Hopefully next time he visits he’ll bring a selection of his own to play with us.

Onwards and upwards. Whilst the cats are away (we take Pikes on the road to Manchester this weekend),  the mice come out to play and this week we have a fine selection of rodents for your listening pleasure in the shape of a Coyote, a Guy Williams, a Woodall and a Sonica Radio’s own Andy Wilson who will no doubt be bringing his own version of Balearia to the table. It’s the final week of our midday start so make the most of the extra early hour and get down and support the chilled sounds of the Balearic Underground. As always reservations for roast recommended.

Incase you missed it last time around and incase you’re after some light entertainment have a listen to the mix above which The Brothers Grim recorded live on Andy Wilson’s Balearia show last year. Keep your chin up out there guys and remember, love is always the answer.


Last week was a hoot of medieval proportions with enough food and drink being consumed to give us all a bout of gout. Court jesters DJ Lord Anthony and Dirty (Pop) Ian  brought colour to the occasion showing that once again “we will not shy away from pop music” with more than a nod to the previous evenings Eurovision Song Contest. The Brothers Grim were joined at the hip by Manchester publican monopolist Justin Folk and we entertained the Ipswich / Huddersfield party people well into the early hours… Brother Mark finally made it home at around 04:30 the following day. Lose yourself at Pikes!

This week we’ve put together what we believe to be one of the finest selection of Northerners this side of Clithero. Ralph Lawson is one of our all time favourite DJs, a true master of his craft and one of the highlights of our programming back at We Love Space. We have tried for the last few years to make a date work with him at Pikes but things got in the way so we are delighted to be able to welcome him to the poolside DJ booth this year where he will be playing a special Dub Reggae set. To say we are excited is an understatement. Next up it’s a Pikes On Sundays debut for Manchester’s main man Krysko. As a student growing up in Manchester Tribal Sessions and The Redlight at Sankeys Soap were two of the very first proper club nights I ever went to. Krysko was resident at both nights and on many occasions I would end up heading to the club specifically to watch his warm up sets and leaving when the headliner came on, such were his skills as a resident. For the last few years Matthew has been resident at the ever dominant Warehouse Project and their associated events. For his Pikes set he will be delving deep into his record collection finding those long forgotten gems. He has kindly chosen a few songs for us to get us in the mood, a fine selection we’re sure you’ll agree:

Although not strictly “Northern” our next guest has taken one of our fair maidens as his own and thus attained honorary Yorkshire status. The Swiss machine Sebastian Spring continually blows us away each and every time he plays for us at Pikes. An avid collector and purveyor of all things world music his selections are the perfect soundtrack to your bloody mary consumption. Our fourth and final guest is Jon Woodall, co-creator of Constant Sound and long time Pikes On Sundays aficionado. This will be the first of Jon’s dates with us this Summer and he’s assured us a whole new bag of seasonal stompers. Be prepared to be amazed. And of course our intrepid residents The Brothers Grim will be conducting proceedings all day long. This really is one of our favourite lineups to date and we hope you can join us on Sunday for what will no doubt be the finest musical meanderings available anywhere in the Balearics.

There are still tables available for roast reservations but they won’t be there for much longer. To book you place give Pikes a call on 0034 971 34 22 22. We’ve got a load of interviews with our guests coming up over the next few days so keep your eyes on the blog and our facebook page to stay in the loop. Gracias amigos y hasta Domingo!



Well what a Summer it’s been! Pikes feels so much like our home now that it’s hard to believe we’ve only been doing this for two seasons. We kicked things off this year back on May 1st and 26 parties later we’re ready to wrap things up. We’ve had some spectacular afternoons and nights soundtrack by undoubtedly the best music found anywhere on the island. Our intrepid residents The Brothers Grim have played more music at Pikes than anyone else and have wowed each week with their fine selections. We’ve had standout guest appearances from Ruf Dug, Dirty Pop, Pedestrian, Bicep, Guy Williams, Brydie Tong, Paul T, Leo Mas, Coyote, Kitt Proudfoot, Sebastian Spring, Phat Phil Cooper and loads more and our regulars Jon Woodall, DJ Callum, Riccio and Andy Wilson showed us exactly why locals do it best. Big thanks to everyone for the music and for the good times!

For our Closing Party this sunday we are very happy to welcome our brothers in arms Adriatic Coasting (Nick & Pepi) to the poolside DJ booth. Flying the same flag a little further afield our Croatian comrades come championing the very same ideals and ethos as Pikes On Sundays and we can’t wait to hear what they have to offer. We’re also very happy to have Dave Phillips back in the mixer. Dave’s history with the Pikes On Sundays team is as long as it is illustrious and we’re very happy he has finally managed to get a sunday off from running the fantastic Boutique Hostal Salinas to come and join us at Pikes. Our most regular of guests Jon Woodall joins us for one last party and your favourite residents The Brothers Grim bid a fond farewell to their Sunday home.

This is your last chance to get your Pikes roast fix before the long barren winter. As expected we are very close to capacity already but there are still a few tables left so get a move on and book your table if you’re after that one last hit before going gold turkey for 7 months. For reservations give Pikes a call on 0034 971 34 22 22. As always the bar menu is available all day long with no reservation required. Cocktails flowing from 1pm until Sarah decides it’s time to go home!

Sunday also marks one week left to buy tickets for Halloween. Tickets are only available from Pikes reception prior to the event and are very limited. We have sold about half already and we expect the remaining bunch to fly out over the next few days. You’ve been warned. Act fast or forever hold your peace, once they’re gone they’re gone. Shit is about to get spooky!

Big thanks again for everyone involved in what has been a fantastic Summer and to everyone who has come down and partied with us over the last 5 months. Hopefully see some of you again this week for one final knees up. We Love Pikes On Sundays and We Love you!