As it’s friday why not treat your ears to some of the best music they have ever heard. Below are a selection of mixes from our residents The Brothers Grim and Ruf Dug and possibly our favourite ever DJ Bernie Connor. The first mix comes from Ruf Dug and was recorded live from the poolside last Sunday between 11pm and midnight. A party piece of the highest order.

Next up we have another recording direct from the poolside from our guiding star Bernie Connor. Bernie played for us back in June and we were so excited to welcome him to our Balearic home. Our expectations were incredibly high but within the first 3 records he showed us they were not high enough. Bernie knows his onions!

Brother Andrew’s offering comes from a few years back inspired by one of his trips to India. An hour long composition of the music he was listening to on his travels around the Subcontinent along with some field recordings from the very same trip. A mellow affair that sounds somewhat like the start to a Sunday by the pool.

From Brother Mark we’ve got another travel inspired selection. January 2017 saw the Broadbents head off to Central America and Mark recorded this mix whilst nestled somewhere amongst the mangrove swamps. A fairly wide cross section of Mark’s musical tastes covering a lot of the sonic topics we touch on at Pikes On Sundays.

And finally we have a joint effort from Brother Andrew and Brother Mark. Recorded live and broadcast from the Ibiza Sonica studios last year, The Brothers Grim offer an hour of their favourite Cowboy tinged tunes. Sit back, relax, take in 6 hours of beautiful sounds and let us know which is your favourite!

Gracias amigos. Head here to see what we’ve got going on this Sunday.




We’ve got an all-star lineup this week and thankfully all the stars have selected a few records to get you in the mood. Sit back, relax and enjoy the sounds.

Ian Murphy Selects – 

“‪Sub Sub – Past‬ – I’ve always though this was a lovely tune to play outside, especially when the Sun is setting.

Alessi Brothers – Seabird – Reminds of good times with Big L, Electric Chair @ Legends (I will him tell you the  year).

Wham – Everything She Wants – Keeping with the Pikes/Wham theme and just because I fucking love it!

Fine Young Cannibals – She Drives Me Crazy (The Justin Strauss Remix) – I was peaking last year when Blevins played this one by the pool.”

Carlo Bragagnini Selects – 

Leroy Hutson – I think I’m falling in love – Amazing 70’s soul record that i paid daft money for and was reissued shortly after (doh!) a real feel good anthem and one of my all time favourite records.

Doctor Rocket – Cafe de Flore – Genius pice of work from Matthew Herbert, kind of song you almost wouldn’t mind dying to, close your eyes, lie back and the blend of live Parisian sounds just take you away, definitely one for the sunset.

Matia Bazar – Ti Sento – Maria Bazar had many different line ups but the voice of Antonella Ruggiero on this really does give me goosebumps, amazingly haunting vocal, I’ve listened to this hundreds of times and never tire of it but after all it’s Italian and I’m biased.

Glen Cambell –  Wichita Lineman – Anything that makes me play it again as soon as it finishes is worthy of my Pikes equivalent of a desert Island Discs and Wichita Lineman does it every time, a really relaxing and lovely song that I know Blev is also a big fan of.”

Brian Beezwax Selects – 

The Detroit Emeralds – Baby Let Me Take You (in my arms) – Helluva song, absolute perfection from start to finish.

Evelyn Evelyn – Love Will Tear Us Apart – So much better than you would expect, really brings out the sadness of the original song and I love the simplicity of this version. 

Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes – Don’t Leave Me This Way – I love the other versions of this, but this one has got so much soul and it’s ideal for poolside at Pikes!!

The Cure – The Lovecats – Cats are class and so is this. The first minute is a masterpiece and the way the track unfolds is brilliant…”

Hammer & Giulio Select – 

B Beat Girls – For The Same Man (Nasty Version) – Before leaving for Ibiza managed to squeeze in crate digging session together and found some gold! We decided on an old school New York theme for our B2B, this track inspired it.

Colonel Abrams – I’m Not Gonna Let – Another 80s dance favourite, dishin’ out the cocktails poolside vibe, yes please!

Sheryl Lee Ralph – In The Evening – Pure sex vibes, this has been a stand out track in our recent B2B sets over the summer, the wildest being a toss up between Giulio’s boat party in Amsterdam and Matt Bicep’s 30th birthday… 

Cerrone – Supernature – This was a definite Ibiza highlight for us, Paul Woolford’s last tune at We Love… a few years back, it was a pretty special 11 minutes!”

A fine selection indeed. Many thanks to all involved. Come one, come all and see you by the pool!




What a treat we’ve got lined up for you this week! For the third year in a row our good friend Jon Woodall joins us to celebrate his birthday. We started the tradition two years ago at We Love Space and continued it last year at our inaugural Pikes On Sundays season; we’re very happy he has decided to party with us once again this year on this special occasion. Good old Jon! To help him blow out the candles we’ve enlisted an all-star cast from our extended family. Mr Doris makes a very welcome return and for his first Pikes On Sundays gig of the summer he has invited Northern Funk impresario Smoove along too, the pair will play an extended 4 hour set by the pool, this really is not to be missed. Man like Buckley plays at Pikes for the first time ever and Jack Haighton backs up a stellar performance last year with an early-afternoon set. We still can’t seem to find Mark for some reason so Andrew Livesey represents for The Brothers Grim once again. Here’s a few song selections to get you in the mood.

Andrew Livesey Selects – 

“Four sides of a sunny afternoon. All tracks that I play in the first few hours of the poolside activities. I heard The Grouch record for the first time on a skateboarding video about 15 years ago and it’s stayed in my most played record selection since then; subtle steeze and as good as it gets.”

Smoove Selects – 

Quincy Jones – Summertime – Such a beautiful record, from the seductive strings to the sublime bassline as sampled by many hip hop producers alike but it’s the original version that always falls into my 45 box!

Larry Mcgee – The Burg A great rare soul cut from 1976. This record took me a while to find on 45 after I had my 12” version stolen (along with a whole record box of other delights) while on a train journey to Austria. I will be keeping my eye on this one from now on!

Curtis Mayfield – Trippin Out – The legend himself Mr Curtis Mayfield really captures something special on this 45 with his famous falsetto vocal over such a groovy syncopated bassline and soaring strings.

Massive Attack – Unfinished Sympathy – This is such crowd pleaser with this timeless, epic production and I love the way the Cello runs down while the string crescendo. Personally I prefer the instrumental version and always find myself flipping the 45 several times before I decide which version to play out!”

Mr Doris Selects – 

Willis Jackson – Nuther’N Like Thuther’N – Stone cold classic from 1963. It has this relentless horn going on throughout the piece which is just so infectious. Also an absolute bitch to mix which makes it even more rewarding when I manage to pull it off. God bless the loop function on Serato.

St Germain – Real Blues (Terry Laird & The Run Island Band Jazz Mix) – An incredible remix of an incredible original. Just when I was wondering if we would ever be graced with any more material from St. German, he comes out with a fantastically sublime album. Unfortunately I could not find the extended version (which is the one I often play) on YouTube so this will have to do.

Swamburger – Sun Vibes (Beef Wellington remix) – Pure sunshine hip hop vibes at it’s best. Reminds me of New Zealand for some reason? I think I may have dropped it when playing at a festival there with Chali 2na from Jurassic 5 (who is one of the nicest, most humblest guys I have ever had the honour to meet I would hasten to add).

Tim Maia – O Caminho Do Bem – More sunshine music, this time from the late, great Brazilian soul legend Tim Maia. This track is just so bloody organic it makes me want to learn Portugese and even though I can’t understand a single word that’s uttered I find myself singing along every time.”

Buckley Selects – 

The Fella Kuti – Water No Get Money – The perfect sound track to any lazy outdoor affair. 11 minutes long so enough time to go to the loo and still be back for the beautiful vocal that kicks in at nearly 6 mins.

Jimmy Smith – I’m Gonna Love You Just A Little Bit More – Love this barry white re work, not many can take on the walrus but this does the job! 

Jean Pierre Mirouze – Sexopolis – ‪Recorded in 1968, I just love how certain tracks can just‬ ‪transport you to a different time, place and era and this track‬ ‪does all of that for me transporting me to somewhere before my time! ‬

Leroy Burgess – Stranger – ‪The superb vocals of Leroy combined with New York legend Shep Pettibone‬ ‪on remix duties always makes me smile and they is something about the opening‬ ‪bar from the brass section that just says buckle-up, it’s party time!‬”

Jack Haighton Selects – 

Shuggie Otis – Aht Uh Mi Hed – I’m pretty late to the party discovering old Shuggie. So much to like about him: the name, the hair, the ’tache, the tunes. This is a particularly sweet one with a killer chord progression meted out on squelchy organ. I’ve been DJing at a few weddings this summer (career goal achieved) and this is peak cocktail-hour fare.

Patrice Rushen – To Each His Own – Classic R&B from ’84 that won’t ever sound old. Patrice Rushen has a voice like nectar, and the minimalist arrangement here shines a full light on it. Perfect for when you’re hungover on a Tuesday morning.

Cerrone – Love In C Minor – It doesn’t get much more limp-wristedly badass than this. The melodic breakdown at 4:30 is campy sci-fi music from the ‘70s at its fabulous best. Cerrone wrote so many massive tunes. He is a French hero.

King Crimson – I Talk To The Wind – I was at Nachtdigital festival the other week and the highlight by some measure (in a weekend of straight highlights) was a Giegling posse, made up of Konstantin, map.ache and Leafar Legov, providing the soundtrack to a Saturday afternoon on acid at the Ambient Stage. They dropped this at one point and the reaction was huge. As a friend remarked: “it’s comforting to think that even ambient music has its big-room bangers.”

Thanks very much for the fantastic selections! Looks like being a great party this one. We’ve got loads more coming up on the blog this week including info on our month long collaboration with the fantastic Urban In Ibiza so keep your eyes pealed. Sunday Roasts will be sold out in the next few days, you’ve been warned! If you would like to reserve call Pikes on 0034 971 34 22 22. Hasta pronto!




Look who’s back! It’s only our old friends from We Love Space Mat Playford and Jason Bye! There are few people more closely related to our Ibiza histories than Mat and Jason. Mat was resident at We Love for many years and even released the inaugural artist album on We Love Recordings. And then there’s Jason. Jason’s adventures with Mark and Sarah span not only decades but also continents, working together at Home in Sydney in the previous century, then onto Cream at Amnesia and of course 15 years of Sundays at Space. And now we all get to hang-out once again at our new home Pikes, we can’t wait. Craig Christon joins the party for his Pikes On Sundays debut and your favourite residents The Brothers Grim are back in action once more.

We’ve got a few songs to get you in the mood here:

Andrew Livesey Selects – 

“A Fairly blessed out selection this week. It’s so hot at the moment that these kind of triply jams work really well early afternoon as people lounge by the pool. Heady sounds for the heads.”

Mat Playford Selects – 

‪Electronic System – Skylab‬ – Old-school jazzy piano/organ/synth workouts. This one is 14 mins long. A friend from my home town put me on to this one. I was looking for a tune that said hot, very hot for a mix for someone on a hot day this year! Will be cool around the pool.

Samurai – Jazztronik‬ – Japanese band  who are amazing live  Reminds me of when a group of us owned a record shop a good few years ago… PBR streetgang, Acid Mondays, Tristan Dacunha, Ben Brophy and myself use to jam to this one a lot many moons ago…

‪Charlie – Spacer Woman‬ – I love this tune. I first heard it on my favourite radio station intergalactic fm, a Dutch station that plays lots of this sort of stuff. Synth magic, loads of flange and a lovely European lady doing the top line… The machines were becoming strong in 1983. Aliens ‘n’ all. 

Laser – Laser‬ – Disco Moogings. I’ve had this record for over 25 years always managed to keep it safe. I feel like this is record influenced me… Weird but true and I’m not sure why… It’s kitsch as hell and has a drilling synth melody! Reach for them there Laser’s!!”

Jason Bye Selects – 

The Romantics – Talking In Your Sleep – Such an incredible record. I love it so much. This band is from Detroit early 80’s, I wonder if they Jeff and Derrick?

Voyage Voyage – Desireless – Proper on holiday 1985ish with the folks. Cant beat it, so much feeling in the tune, proper terry.

Modern Talking – Brother Louie – Another holiday classic, if only the cheese these days was as good as this instead of that effin Avid Fetta. 

Talking Heads – Wild Wild Life – I love this band, always thought they were Australian. Such a Jolly tune, love it after a good nights sleep, Fair dinkum.”

Mark Broadbent Selects – 

Quarry Hollow – The Path Of Tranquility – Mark E sounding like an unlikely jam session between Tangerine Dream, Terry Riley, Can and the Idjut Boys – all picturesque synthesizer lines, attractive cyclical melodies, fuzzy guitar textures and rolling, organic percussion. It’s utterly sublime. It’s Nu Kraut!

Cantona – Paloma (Mudd’s Selder Loris Mix) – Wonderful blissed out reworking of a classic slab of Balearica. August gets hot, people get angry, dogs bite, relationships strained. We get chilled by the pool every Sunday to sounds like this.

Sratus – Tisno – Been listening to a lot of music in this vein recently in readiness of our first sunset session this coming Monday at Hostel La Torre and this beauty – aptly – named after the town in Croatia where we hold our incredible string of summer festivals is just about perfect. Is it possible to make a more Balearic track? answers on an MP3 please.

Simon Peter – Arc Of Lark – Really surprising myself with these chilled selections today, it’s genuinely how I’m feeling, wearing my feelings on my sleeve. Hope your feeling similar. Trumpet remind me of Matthew Halsall but it’s not him, flute reminds me of someone else but it’s not them. Don’t know who Simon Peter is either but this works for me…”

Thanks very much to Andrew, Mat, Jason and Mark for the selections. We are already fully booked for sunday lunch this week but we have a great bar menu available all day long and the finest selection of drinks on offer this side of Zanzibar. The kids club is still operational each week from 2pm – 6pm and the pool is looking more and more inviting as the summer heats up. 2pm till 2am. See you on Sunday!




We’re very much looking forward to this Sunday’s activities. Celebrating the halfway point of the summer and with some fantastic special guests lined up we’re sure it’s going to be a party to remember. To get you in the mood here are a few song selections from our residents The Brothers Grim and Unadulterated Disco’s Paul T.

Paul T Selects – 

Michael Heart – Some Girls (Inst) – I was first switched on to this by Tony 586 Daly who used to put the Suono parties on in Newcastle in my formative years. This sounds ace pitched right down too. I’m sure the Reverso lads did an edit of it way back when too. An ex girlfriend managed to get me one off a seller in Greece for a Xmas prezzie. Winner! PS – Tony Daly now Owns 586 records in Newcastle and is a go to spot for any digger.

Dianne Brooks – Drums – I heard Mo Morris play this one time in Bali at a great little boozer come restaurant called Mantra that we used to play in and needless to say I was instantly in love with it.

Herb Albert – Rotation – I can’t quite remember how I came across this one. Such a great piece of music with tons going on in the mix.

Fern Kinney – Let me Kiss You – Another slow groover. It has this amazing drum section in the middle with a sort of swirley synth line. Plenty of cow bells and bleeps and bloops too.”

Andrew Livesey Selects – 

“A few weeks ago our friend Allan The Alien come to town and brought with him some new music. It took me a while to get around to listening to it all but most of it is fantastic. These four songs are all from his playlist and will all be forming part of the opening ambient section this week. Many thanks Allan.”

Mark Broadbent Selects – 

Prefab Sprout – Cars And Girls – Not heard this beauty in something like 20 years and then heard being played twice in one week, once on the restaurant terrace of the Love International Croatian festival site and then poolside at Pikes the following Sunday when we had Mark Barrott play for us. A stone cold Balearic classic that somehow has been overlooked by the usual suspects I’d expect to be playing it. All the better for us.

Pete Josef – Colour – Blue eyed soul at it’s best, great production and backing from the Sonar Kollektiv gang with in-house vocalist Pete Josef making this an out and out winner for poolside action as the sun dips behind the San Antonio hills.

Nilufer Yana – Hey – Nullifier makes this Pixies banger into her own chilled wonder whilst keeping the incredible originals hooks intact. Hardcore anthem turned Balearic belter by lass from London. Fuck Yeah!

Idjut Boys – Another Bird – How many times can I possibly use the term Balearic and still retain some credibility… Probably not too many to be honest. However this track pretty much sums up most people’s interoperation of the said term. Tune in and drop out poolside with us this week and you are guaranteed to hear me play this in it’s entirety to my brother’s consternation!”

Many thanks for the selections. Be sure to come down this sunday for fantastic songs like this and loads more! It looks like it’s going to be a busy one so make your reservations if you would like to join us for lunch. To do so call Pikes on 0034 971 34 22 22. Gracias amigos.




Perhaps one of our favourite musical lineups to date, this Sunday we welcome Ruf Dug and Mark Barrott. The pair are responsible for introducing us to some of our favourite new music over the last few years. Here they have provided us with a few selections to set the tone and get you in the mood.

Ruf Dug Selects – 

“4 slow-motion melters:

Blue Gas – Shadows From Nowhere – I can see the sunlight reflecting off the ripples in the pool when I listen to this. A mid-afternoon bubbler.

Jacob Desvarieux – Sweet Florence – High-pressure beguine Guadeloupe style. For outdoor dancing in the heat.

Renée – Lay Me Down – Weightless euro-yacht groover from 1982 that feels custom made for Pikes.

Elli & Jacno – Chica Chica Bongo – Trust the Frenchies to come with a saucy hippie shaker. Keep it loose.”

Mark Barrott Selects – 

“Something Old – ‪Workdub – Caravan‬ – Amazing piece from two guy’s in a US basement in the late 80’s, recently re-issued by the impeccable Music from Memory.

Something Borrowed – ‪Ahmed Fakroun – Nisyan‬ – Classic Arabic Pop funk from 1977, generously passed over to me by Dr Rob from Test Pressing.  Been bootlegged and edited many many times, luckily I managed to track him down with Pete Gooding and officially license it for the first La Torre compilation coming in September.

Something New – ‪NO ZU – Ui Yia Uia ‬- I’m really into this at the moment, reminds me of Shreikback, although I’m not sure it sounds anything like them  🙂 80’s kinda bombastic funk from Australia that has people wiggling their toes.

Something Blue (as in Ibiza’s Azul cielo y el mar) – Mark Barrott – Cascades – Gotta get something of your own in there haven’t you 🙂 and it was written staring out to sea at that transition point as the sun heads down to kiss the ocean!”

If that doesn’t get you in the mood then we don’t know what will. Come catch Ruf and Mark this Sunday from 2pm. Your favourite residents The Brothers Grim will of course be on hand too dishing out the good times and positive vibrations. See you by the pool!




Can you believe it? A whole 10 Sundays into the summer already! We’re having such a blast at Pikes On Sundays that time is simply flying by and our opening party seems like a distant memory. Thanks very much to all the guests that have joined us so far and especially to Phat Phil Cooper and DJ Dea who provided a masterclass last week. This Sunday we are very happy to welcome Jim Breese for some poolside action. We’ve been huge fans of Jim and his Balearic label for a long time and so we are super stoked to see what he makes of our little fiesta. Jim joins us a part of his Balearic 2 launch tour, the fantastic compilation drops today and is well worth a look. Go check it! We’ve also got an extended B2B set from Jon Woodall and Andrew Livesey to look forward to. Rumour has it the two have had some artistic differences recently but here at Pikes On Sundays we are all about unity so we’ve asked them to put their beef to one-side and see if they can’t work it out over a couple of Yorkshire puddings. Here’s hoping they can, but either way we’re sure the music will be simply outstanding.

Some musical selections to get you in the mood –

Jim Breese Selects – 

Wally Badarou – Novela Das Nove – Favourite record of all time for sure. Wally Badarou is the don, his tracks trigger something in me, with this it’s a tropical groove with an underlying rudeness.

Francois K – Hypnodelic – Arguably the best deep house tune ever made. Reminiscent of pulling the late shift at Cafe Mambo, close up the windows & crank it.

Hysteric – Belly Dance Disco – I haven’t found the right place yet to play this tune, so whether its right or wrong, its getting played Sunday! Get the bellies out.

Sonic Friends Of The Galaxy – Adamo & Eva (Leo Mas & Fabrice and DJ Rocca Paradiso Mix) – Track of Ibiza 2016. Pure euphoric House with the Balearic baton getting passed on for a new generation of dancers. “

Andrew Livesey Selects – 

“All four tracks come from my set last week and kind of give an idea of the progression of the set. All nice sunny records and the Regg’Lyss cut is one of my all-time favourites. Loads going on in the record and some nice strange bits in there too.”

Jon Woodall Selects – 

“Some of my favourite Sunday records. I like to play the Jill Scott one pitched up really high. I just hope these songs are good enough to end the troubles between me and Andy.”

Thanks very much to our 3 selectors, some beautiful moments in there. More of the same on Sunday please! As always we are a free party open to one and all. Roast reservations are highly recommended as they tend to sell out in advance, call pikes on 0034 971 34 22 22 to get booked in.  See you sunday!