That really was another one for the memory banks, a truly great day with everything we look for from the Pikes On Sundays experience. The music was brilliant all day long; appropriate to the time and setting, interesting and diverse, a mix of old and new and put together in a confident and considered manner. Much love to all our DJs who brought their A-Game and a special shout out to David Phillips who played a brilliant extended set throughout the day and into the small hours of monday morning. We have a recording from the afternoon hours here, it’s mostly dave with some contributions from Buckley, Andrew Livesey and Jon Woodall. Hit play and transport yourself to the Pikes poolside.

The roast on Sunday was also particularly good and the kitchen appears to be firing on all cylinders as we pass the halfway mark of the Summer. We were completely fully booked by Thursday last week meaning well over 200 Yorkshire puddings served and consumed. The sweetcorn and green chilli soup starter was out of this world and hailed by many as “the best soup we’ve ever eaten”. The beef was ‘bloody’ delicious and the veggies tasted as good as we’ve ever had. As we say each week, if you would like to join us for a roast be sure to reserve your table quickly by calling Pikes on 0034 971 34 22 22. We will be sold out soon!

Coming up for your listening pleasure this Sunday we have enlisted the help of some returning friends and family. It’s fairly rare to get Paul T and Stretford Dogs Club in Ibiza, it’s even rarer to get them here at the same time. They both made their Pikes On Sundays debuts last Summer and we couldn’t be happier to welcome them back again this week. Ibiza Sonica’s finest selector and all round good egg Andy Wilson is back again with his usual brand of balearic treats and other worldly beats. Brother Mark is STILL away taking care of business in Croatia so Brother Andrew is back once again keeping things as Grim as possible all day long.

Many thanks to everyone who has been supporting us this Summer, we’ve been really enjoying ourselves and in the process we hope we’ve calved out our own little piece of Balearic goodness. We hope you will continue to share this with us and if it’s your first time we hope you’ll come and give it a whirl! Action as always from 1pm until 2am (ish!). Gracias amigos.


Last Sunday saw a great coming together of nations as our UK based representatives PBR Streetgang bridged the gap between pseudo-balearians Ruf Dug and Andrew Livesey and Italy’s renaissance men Riccio and Lorenzo. Quite the melting pot we’re sure you’ll agree and the ensuing musical melange was simply magical! Many thanks to all involved for their input.

This week we’re celebrating the birthday of one of our longest serving and most trusted regular guests. Having played more Pikes On Sundays parties than anyone, outside of your hosts The Brothers Grim, Jon Woodall knows the score better than most and we are very happy he has chosen to celebrate his birthday with us. We Love you Jon. Come and wish him well if you think he deserves it. We’ve asked a few of Jon’s nearest and dearest to come and add to the mix on the day with man like Buckley representing for the West Yorkshire connect and everyone’s favourite hotelier David Phillips keeping things cool with his distinctive Balearic swagger. Brother Andrew seals the deal on what will be a truly magnificent Sunday selection.

Any last minute reservations for Sunday Roasts need to go to Pikes by calling them on 0034 971 34 22 22. Again please be aware we sell out well before show day so act now if you’re craving some gravy. We’ve got lots more to come on the blog this week with music and interviews from our guests and residents so keep your eyes peeled. In the mean time head over here for 6 hours of the best music you’ve ever heard in your life. Gracias amigos and see you on Sunday!




We had an absolute blast on Sunday! We made some new friends, were reunited with old friends, amazed a few people and annoyed a few more; all in all a fantastic way to round out your weekend! Much love to all our DJs who delivered to the highest order. Our trusty residents The Brothers Grim kicked the day off in fine style before making way for a spectacular, albeit slightly hungover, Neil Diablo who then handed control to Pikes debutants Mr Solid Gold & Rolfie. The first timers did the business leaving Ruf Dug to finish things off by the pool up until Midnight. With what seemed like the entire broadcasting team of Radio 1 in attendance Ruf Dug took control again in Chez Fez culminating in an impromptu Back To Back set with friend of the family Artwork. As one couple of merry attendees put it, Pikes On Sundays delivers “the best music we’ve ever heard”

This Sunday we have another set of sonic treats lined up for you. Up there with our favourite DJs of all time, PBR Streetgang are back on the island for a few gigs at The Zoo Project and Circoloco and so we jumped at the opportunity to fit them in for another Pikes Sessions. The daring duo will be playing the last few hours by the pool and then helping out with the kick on inside in Chez Fez. Resident Ruf Dug is back for his third session of the Summer and will be playing the opening set from 1pm onwards. If your looking for the smoothest of subtle sounds then we recommend this set for you; he’s a true master of the music suitable for this time of day so come on down if you’re into the finer things in life. Our Italian envoy Riccio has enlisted the help of fellow countryman Lorenzo this week and the duo will play a special extended set in the early afternoon. Brother Mark is away in Croatia for the rest of August so Brother Andrew is left to represent all things Grim and will be doing so firmly back off the wagon after a dry start to the month. Check this fantastic mix from Lorenzo to set the tone; it’s a 100% Italian job!

We had a few sad looking campers this week who turned up looking to get their roast fix but without having reserved a table. We are usually fully booked for these by around friday afternoon so act now if you want a yorkshire pudding this weekend. To reserve call Pikes on 0034 971 34 22 22. Luckily our bar menu is spectacular and the burger soon turned a few of those frowns the right way around and the afternoon was saved! The bar menu is available from 12:00 all day long with no reservation required.

Keep your eyes locked to the blog this week for more musical meanderings from our residents and guest selectors and don’t forget to like our Facebook page if you’re into that kind of thing! Gracias amigos and see you all on Sunday!



Our lovely guests have selected a few songs to get you in the mood for the main event this Sunday. Take a minute, sit back, turn the speakers up to a comfortable 6 or 7 and picture yourself poolside at Pikes hotel.

Ruf Dug Selects – 

Sufferer Sound – I A Suffer – Dennis bovell on production, full poolside wonky dub here. Jump in.

Earl Klugh – Soft Stuff – Horizontal fusion. Backstroke grooving.

Michael Heart – Some Girls – Post sunset jam – this groove engineered specifically for outdoor moves.

Flash And The Pan – Midnight Man – Ruf Kutz’ latest fan Francois Kevorkian on the mix here. Future Chez Fez classic.”

Trouble Vision Select – 

“‪Womack & Womack – MPB (Missin’ Persons Bureau)(Frankie Knuckles Paradise Ballroom Mix)‬ – Something old. Similar in style to his Ain’t Nobody version, this just ticks all the right boxes for Sunday feels.

Donald Dust – Joy July – Something new. Bringing a little bit of Peckham to Pikes, this is the latest release on new South London label No Bad Days. Title track Joy July says it all really… If Sundays looked like an 80’s action film montage.

Barry White – Your Sweetness Is My Weakness – Something borrowed. Borrowed because we first heard Trouble vision resident OK Jones play this at a wedding. Barry. Do we need to say any more.

Talamanca System – My Past Is Your Future – Something blue. This isn’t actually melancholy at all. Quite the opposite actually. What a trio! Gerd Janson, Lauer and White Isle mainstay, Mark Barrott. This just screams poolside daytime vibes to us.”

Neil Diablo Selects – 

Many thanks to our DJs for those selections. Come down to hear all these and many more fine songs being played at Pikes on Sunday 6th August from 1pm until 2am. You really won’t regret it!



Is it really August already?! The Summer seems to be flying by and it’s hard to believe we’re already up to week 14! Lots of love to our DJs from last week David Phillips, Jon Woodall, Riccio and Andrew Livesey who all played fantastic sets delivering 12 hours of simply beautiful music. This week we’ve got another standout lineup arranged with all three of our residents Ruf Dug and The Brothers Grim back in full force. They will be joined by long time friend of the family Neil Diablo who returns for his third consecutive season of Pikes On Sundays along with debutants Mr Solid Gold and Rolfie. With all the makings of a truly Balearic Sunday by the pool, we can’t wait to kick this month of with a bang.

Demand for the Sunday Roasts seems to be higher  than ever at the moment with the restaurant looking set to be fully booked within the next few days. If you would like to reserve a table please act fast and give Pikes a call on 0034 971 34 22 22. Once they’re gone they’re gone! Thankfully for all of us in this hot weather the pool is always open with no reservations required and the ice cold cocktails are served from the get-go. For those with children in tow we have also extended the operating hours of the Kids Klub which is now open from 2pm until 8pm; as always this is free of charge to our Sunday visitors.

Keep your eyes on the blog over the next few days for musical treats coming from our residents and guests. In the mean time if you are looking for some soothing sonics then you can’t do much better than this exquisite mix from our Pikes On Sundays sensei Bernie Connors recorded live and direct from Pikes last month.

Gracias amigos and see you on Sunday!




Our music Master this week is David Phillips. Dave has a long and lustrous history with Ibiza and he is one of our closest comrades. Here are a few words from our sponsors The Brothers Grim to set the scene before Brother Mark gets down to the nitty gritty of the interview.

Brother Mark – Dave was the first friendly face we met on our first tour of ibiza, he was the ‘resident Dj’ at the infamous Rock Bar, I say resident Dj in inverted commas because he basically had one deck set up in the corner of a very cramped bar that he was able to play one record at a time on between serving drinks to the gathered pirates in attendance. The Rock Bar back then was situated at the very very end of the port and was the last bar open in town for the last men (and women) standing. Staying open well after most respectable people had either shuffled off to bed or to Pacha, The Rock Bar was stuff of legend back in the day and fast became our regular stopping off point after working the mean streets of Ibiza Town handing out flyers and putting up posters.

Dave introduced us to his friends in low places and we spent many an evening talking music and good times together, listening to Mo Wax tracks and other obscure trip-hop bits and pieces the last two seasons at the original Rock venue.

Things change, places disappear and new ventures open new opportunities to friends and family and Dave became our full time resident at the first incarnation of We Love… Space (then called Home At Space) due in part to the eclectic selections that we had first heard him playing on that one deck all those years earlier. Very few people can claim to be able to play a truly eclectic set whilst retaining an eye for the dance floor, David Philips manages to do this incredibly well and this is why Dave is this weeks Music Master.

Brother Andrew – My first real encounters with Dave came to pass after he had left The Rock Bar and had set up shop a little further inland at the infamous Lo Cura. Dave was running Lo Cura with Duesi and Anita and for a while it became the centre of the Balearic universe. I would go there every night and stay in there much too late each time. Lo Cura was little more than a hole in the wall but somehow Dave, Duesi and Anita turned it into the best bar in the world. Lo Cura was the home of my first every DJ residency and every Saturday throughout the Winter I’d spend my evening cramped into the smallest DJ booth in the world playing and discussing music with Dave and the gang. Those years spent in that bar had a defining effect on my life in Ibiza and the time spent with Dave had a defining effect on the music that I play and listen to. He’s a top bloke and for me there are few people as deserving of the title of Music Master as David Phillips.

Brother Mark – How did you end up living in Ibiza ? What’s your background?

David Phillips – My family moved to Marbella when I was 12 and put me and my brother in one of these ‘International Schools’. It was a wacky experience, with maths teachers strumming flamenco guitar at the back of the class and Physics teachers taking the whole class to the truckers bar opposite to do the class with coffees ‘cos he was hungover. The kids were from all over the place and it being Marbella in the 80’s, from some very bizarre backgrounds so it was a very rounded education let’s say.

My best friend and his two brothers opened a bar when they left school in a funky, and slightly skanky area at the back of Marbella port. It was next to another bar called Arturo’s which was run by 3 generations of Rockabillies who all drove round crammed into a big New York taxi. It was fairly nuts down there and the guys’ bar, where we all DJ’d Rock n’ Roll in the broadest sense possible, went like wildfire. Half the school would hang out down there, including the teachers. Three years later, after an abortive attempt to make it work back in the Uk I began to realise that a normal existence there was not for me so I headed back and joined the guys who were about to open their third bar in a ski resort.

We were all just around twenty years old and were working and partying hard, things got very weird, and one freezing cold morning in the deserted off season ski village of Sierra Nevada I jumped in my car and drove back to England in one go, in a bit of a mess. I knew I couldn’t stay there so I just sold everything and went off hitching and trying to be a bit of a hippy thinking I might get a job on a boat or something. I was crap hippy and ran dry quickly so I needed a job fast. My addled brain decided it would be a good idea to head to Ibiza. After a month of fruitless searching I landed a job behind the bar at Space and my life went spinning off in another direction. I still feel like I’m on that adventure sometimes.

BM – Our paths first crossed a long time ago during my first visit to the island back in 1997 I think, you were playing records in the Rock Bar at the very end of the port in a building that is no longer there. I remember them as being good times and late nights, what do you remember?

DP – The early years coming to Ibiza I remember always coming back each year and realising how much you learn from year to year and remembering how comparatively green you were the year before. I’d been there 5 years by then, had worked 3 years in Space, opened and closed a wicked bar in Barcelona, and was now beginning to get into DJing and working for the coolest outfit in Ibiza port, so I was in a good place and knew the ropes. Ibiza was still its relatively simple old self and the seasonal working population was fairly small. Everyone knew everyone and all saw each other out partying, all the time. There were just a few ‘programmed’ nights in the clubs but apart from that you could go to any club, any night and it would be pretty damn good. You didn’t work too hard then either. Work was more like getting paid to party. Probably why I’m working now (!!!!)

BM – I remember the music you played suited the one deck approach, can you remember which labels you supported back then as you really had a different style and approach to all the other ‘Ibiza’ DJs who played the Port.

DP – Haha! I’ve had 2 parallel music educations in my life. The english one had ska, 2 tone, soul, funk, etc and the spanish one had punk, new wave, rock and some of the best and worst of european electronica. At no point was I ever necking pills in a field and dancing to …….. (insert ANY ‘back in the day’ tune). So my approach wasn’t from that experience. I didn’t like a lot of house and techno I was hearing in Space so didn’t really get the itch to start playing until I heard my friend playing stuff like Meat Beat Manifesto, Leftfield, The Aloof, and Guerrilla type stuff. My main labels were Wall of Sound, Mo’Wax, Ninja Tune, Heavenly, DC (Depth Charge), Afro Art, Warp and some freaky San Francisco labels whose names escape me now. Around the mid 90’s there was all kinds of mental tunes flying around and all I knew was what I had started off with, so I had to find a way of sticking all these mental records together so people would like it.

BM – You played and served drinks at The Rock Bar pretty much every night of the week, did you also play any club gigs back then?

DP – My first ‘gig’ here was covering for Jonathan at Sa Trincha beach bar while he slept off his gigs at Manumission. Problem was I used to go to Manumission as well so I’d go straight there, play all day and usually end up falling asleep on the DJ booth floor mid afternoon. There is pictorial evidence of this. Danny Whittle started booking me for the roof of Pacha on Ministry nights too, playing Drum n Bass and stuff, and I was getting involved with Manumission by then with The Motel and the back room at Privilege.

BM – When do you think was the golden age of clubs on Ibiza and do you have a favourite night from those times?

DP – OOfff! Ok. For me, and this is gonna sound really cynical but it was before social media and smartphones. I don’t think I need to elaborate on that. Another answer is 1998 – 2005. Because living here was still fairly cheap, workers could go in and out of most clubs without guest list nonsense, get a free drink and find a specific crew who hung out there. You could jump in a car at all hours and go from club to club with no thoughts of repercussions or getting into trouble (not cool I know, but a fact). Also clubs had got a lot better in terms of sound, lights, etc and from 2000 cheesy house was losing it’s grip to electro, rock, proper techno and filthy slow stuff for hours and hours under the sun at Dc10. My favourite night was of course, the one I was involved with. We Love. My first job in Ibiza was a barman there and now I was a resident so it was a bit special.

BM – Who has been the most consistently great ‘Ibiza’ DJ in your opinion past or present?

DP – There are loads and most of them are good friends of mine so this is a toughie. But one who always has a style of his own, which he kind of invented, and still smashes it to another level, as he did last year at our Halloween do, is Alfredo. Doris, Andy Baxter, Jonathan Sa Trincha, Ryan O’Gorman, Jonathan Tena are my immediate others but there are loads and loads of incredible DJs here.

BM – You moved through the years on Ibiza from bar man to resident DJ at one of the big four (Amnesia, Space, Pacha, Privilege) to hotelier, which of these jobs have given you most pleasure?

DP – I see them all as kind of the same job. DJing was about my urge to play stuff I liked to other people. Even as a kid I was always the guy at a house party with a cassette in his pocket, to rescue things (sometimes not required!). A good barman should share jokes, keep people on the fringes of the conversation in the know, oil the wheels of the atmosphere, translate where required and basically feel what people need and give them it before they ask (or even realise!). Same in the hotel. Many guests are newcomers here, lovely people and dying to know more about this place, so give good advice, give them a good experience and have a laugh with them. Empathy isn’t it?     

Alternative answer : DJing. With bells on.

BM – Can you imagine a life away from Ibiza now or do you think it’s where you’ll stay forever, eventually growing old, sitting outside the Croissant Show telling your war stories to the younger generations?

DP – A LIFE away, not really. I’ve been here now longer than I’ve been anywhere else so I’m definitely not made of the stuff to go and try and make it in some city or something. Plus after all I’ve done none of it was a ‘proper job’ so God knows what I’d do.  I’m not one to spend 12 months a year here though. Worldly as it is here I still want to see plenty of the world so this is what I want to grow old doing. I think it’s safe to say this will be my base for life though.

Croissant Show you say? I’ve already done enough mornings there.

BM – For one weekend you have the power to change shape and time travel to a musical event back in time of your choosing, where are you going and what / who  are you going as?

DP – Monterey Festival ’67. Hands down. I’d like to be Jimi Hendrix’s guitar tech. That way I’d have the rest of the weekend off.

BM – What would be your ideal day / night on Ibiza and who would you spend it with?

DP – Probably a boat trip somewhere with 50 of my best mates, diving, doing whatever. Followed by a Barbecue beach party with a bunch of us DJing till God knows when.

Thanks very much to Mark and Dave for the fantastic and informative interview. Brother Mark is away looking after the Adriatic this weekend so you can catch Dave playing with Brother Andrew, Jon Woodall and Riccio at Pikes On Sundays. Come on down to eat or just to move your feet!



We usually try and get these blog posts out every Monday to give ourselves a full week to promote the parties, if you see them on Tuesday it tends to mean that the Sunday was particularly wild. Today is Wednesday. Hopefully that gives you some idea of the fun we had last week. If not check the photos below which will give you a teaser of the afternoon fun in the sun. (The nighttime portion of the party was not suitable for public display!) Thanks very much to Mike Portlock for capturing these snaps.

Our trusty residents The Brothers Grim kicked the day off at 1pm with an extended B2B set with their new favourite DJ Leon Vynehall with the poolside audience reaching fever pitch a few hours in. Brother Mark continued his marathon set with some welcome assistance from Balearic Ben Korbel whilst Brother Andrew went off for his lunch before handing over the controls over to Ian Murphy and Carlo Bragagnini who finished of the outside proceedings before heading inside for the first hour of the Chez Fez knees up. It was then the turn of Belfast’s finest Hammer and Matthew McBriar to step to the decks before handing back to Mr Murphy for the final 30 minutes of fun. Big ups to all our DJs for all their hard work and fantastic music.

This week we’ve got another dream lineup to tickle your eardrums. We have a very welcome return for our newly revealed resident Ruf Dug who plays the second of his six dates with us, he will be playing directly after The Brothers Grim poolside from 16:00. A must see for anyone interested in the new sound of Pikes On Sundays. For the final five hours this Sunday we hand things over to Messalina Records who bring with them Mushrooms Project and the ever incredible Lucci Capri. We’re repeating this lineup from last Summer as it was a massive highlight for us back in 2016 and we’re very excited to be able to replicate it again this week. Expect incredible music & wonderful tales of strange happenings in South Yorkshire all evening long!

The dining room was full from the get-go this week and we are now consistently selling out of Sunday Lunch places by the start of the weekend so act fast if you would like to join us this week. For reservations please give Pikes a call on 0034 971 34 22 22. If a roast isn’t your cup of tea or if we’re fully booked by the time you get in touch we have a fantastic bar menu available all day long with no reservation required.

As always Pikes On Sundays is a free event open to one and all at anytime. We start things off at 1pm and run through until around 2am. We have a kids club operation from 2pm until 6pm for those looking to escape from the little ones for a few hours. To see more of these great photos head over to the full album on our facebook page here. Pikes On Sundays will make you feel good! Gracias amigos!