We had an absolute blast on Sunday! We made some new friends, were reunited with old friends, amazed a few people and annoyed a few more; all in all a fantastic way to round out your weekend! Much love to all our DJs who delivered to the highest order. Our trusty residents The Brothers Grim kicked the day off in fine style before making way for a spectacular, albeit slightly hungover, Neil Diablo who then handed control to Pikes debutants Mr Solid Gold & Rolfie. The first timers did the business leaving Ruf Dug to finish things off by the pool up until Midnight. With what seemed like the entire broadcasting team of Radio 1 in attendance Ruf Dug took control again in Chez Fez culminating in an impromptu Back To Back set with friend of the family Artwork. As one couple of merry attendees put it, Pikes On Sundays delivers “the best music we’ve ever heard”

This Sunday we have another set of sonic treats lined up for you. Up there with our favourite DJs of all time, PBR Streetgang are back on the island for a few gigs at The Zoo Project and Circoloco and so we jumped at the opportunity to fit them in for another Pikes Sessions. The daring duo will be playing the last few hours by the pool and then helping out with the kick on inside in Chez Fez. Resident Ruf Dug is back for his third session of the Summer and will be playing the opening set from 1pm onwards. If your looking for the smoothest of subtle sounds then we recommend this set for you; he’s a true master of the music suitable for this time of day so come on down if you’re into the finer things in life. Our Italian envoy Riccio has enlisted the help of fellow countryman Lorenzo this week and the duo will play a special extended set in the early afternoon. Brother Mark is away in Croatia for the rest of August so Brother Andrew is left to represent all things Grim and will be doing so firmly back off the wagon after a dry start to the month. Check this fantastic mix from Lorenzo to set the tone; it’s a 100% Italian job!

We had a few sad looking campers this week who turned up looking to get their roast fix but without having reserved a table. We are usually fully booked for these by around friday afternoon so act now if you want a yorkshire pudding this weekend. To reserve call Pikes on 0034 971 34 22 22. Luckily our bar menu is spectacular and the burger soon turned a few of those frowns the right way around and the afternoon was saved! The bar menu is available from 12:00 all day long with no reservation required.

Keep your eyes locked to the blog this week for more musical meanderings from our residents and guest selectors and don’t forget to like our Facebook page if you’re into that kind of thing! Gracias amigos and see you all on Sunday!




As Ibiza sweats under an unseasonably sticky June, Pikes On Sundays remains cool as a cucumber. That said, it appears the heat may have gotten the better of a few people as the walk from the restaurant to the pool proved a little too long and a more direct route was required. We do not condone this behaviour, but we do enjoy it 😉

Horseplay and tomfoolery aside, we would like to pass a huge thanks to all of our DJs for their contributions this week. We’ve already spent a long time extolling the virtues of Bernie Connor in previous blog posts and he delivered beyond even our very high expectations. Simply divine music from a very nice man. Watch this space for some more feedback on Bernie’s set soon. Our two other guest selectors Gareth Potter and Bonar Bradberry also delivered the goods throughout the day. A deliciously smooth and considered dose of Welsh Balearica from Gareth and an expertly executed evening of electronica from Bonar. Thanks again to all three guests, you really did us proud!

Now looking forward to this week and the boys are back in town! Joining everyone’s favourite residents The Brothers Grim are fellow northern monkeys Jon Woodall and Simon Morell. Both Jon and Simon know how to enjoy themselves and we can’t wait to see what they get up to given free range throughout Pikes’ sprawling grounds and into Chez Fez later as we move things inside. Expect good times, bad jokes and great music. We are also very happy to welcome back our Italian envoy Riccio who makes his second Pikes On Sundays appearance of 2017. A strong team we’re sure you’ll agree. We will be kicking things off at the usual time of 1pm and running through to the wee hours of Monday morning. Sunday lunches are now consistently selling out by Saturday so if you would like to book your table be sure to do so promptly by calling Pikes on 0034 971 34 22 22. Of course if you’re not wanting to eat with us then our doors are open all day long so if you’re in the area be sure to come down and say hello at anytime. Decompress with a cocktail after the beach or come and watch the sunset from our roof top viewing area. At Pikes On Sundays we’ve got something for everyone!




Last Sunday our intrepid residents The Brothers Grim spread the Pikes cheer across the high seas to Manchester’s fantastic Refuge as part of the Electric Weekender leaving our beloved poolside session in the very capable hands of Jon Woodall, Andy Wilson, Coyote and Guy Williams who delivered a suitably raucous afternoon of fun in the sun. This week the brothers are back and it’s time to get fully stuck in to Pikes on Sundays 2017 as for the first time this year we open Chez Fez and begin our extended sessions partying on into the wee hours of monday morning.

Bringing the noise for this special event we have a very special selection of DJs. Fresh from wowing the Mancunian masses last week, Leo Mas is back for his second poolside appearance after a standout set at last Summer’s Pikes On Sundays. It goes without saying how happy we are to have Leo back with us, his influence within our community throughout his career has been significant and far-reaching but more importantly we love the music he plays. Also playing by the pool we welcome the prince of San Antonio Jason Bye. Our relationship with Jason spans continents and decades having worked with him around the world for more than 20 years. He is one of the finest DJs we have ever heard and we’re thrilled to have him with us this Sunday afternoon. We are also very happy to welcome back Riccio for his first Pikes On Sundays set of 2017, he too will be playing by the pool with The Brothers Grim.

That about wraps up the daytime activities and now onto the night! For our first Chez Fez party of 2017 we will be handing the controls over to non other than Terry Farley, Steve Lee and Dave Jarvis. Having founded Junior Boys Own back in the early 90s Terry Farley’s history within the scene weaves its way through the tapestry of Dance Music folklore. Although Terry has been in and out of Ibiza for close to 3 decades as far as we can remember this will be the first time he has played at Pikes. He will play the final hour by the pool before heading inside at midnight where he will play an extended set with friends and fellow history makers Steve Lee and Dave Jarvis. We really couldn’t be happier with this lineup and we hope that you can make it down to help celebrate with us! Terry has kindly selected a few songs and written a few words about each choice to help get us in the mood.

Patti Labelle – Music is my life – Quite simply MUSIC GAVE ME MY LIFE. Everything I have done, places I have visited and the wonders I’ve seen have been because my Llove of music gave me a living as a DJ / Remixer / Label owner. Patti’s words are everything i feel about my lucky life x.

Sister Sledge  – Lost in music – The Dimitri From Paris studio rework is an absolute joy, the multi tracks are explored perfectly and instruments that sat back in the mix become stars and shine. Just like the Patti record this is an ode to dancefloor perfection and a great Foundation tune that gets the girls and boys screaming in delight.

Joe Goddard – Home (Morgan Geist Remix) – HOUSE meets SOUL meets a 40 year old Disco sample (Brainstorm). Morgan Geist is a true innovator and his beats on this are spot on. Great vocals, great song and that Brainstorm hook, sublime.

T Connection – At Midnight   70’s percussive Disco anthem that everybody loves and as we start DJing at Midnight its perfect to set the tone with. One of those records that suits the outdoors / festivals / special parties.

A fine selection we’re sure you’ll agree and we can’t wait to hear them in the most intimate of settings – Chez Fez. Although we’ve put special thought into the music and programming for this week being the opening of our extended sessions with an eye on the evening’s events, the Sunday roasts are of course still on the menu and as we hit the first week of June we have extended the capacity of the restaurant to welcome even more hungry humans looking for their yorkshire pudding fix. Table reservations are recommended and can be made by calling Pikes on 0034 971 34 22 22 or dropping them an email here. If you’re not looking to eat but simply to move your feet then come on down as and when you like, Pikes On Sundays is a free event and anyone is welcome at anytime. We will be kicking off the music at 1pm and running all the way through until around 2am.

It’s been 50 years since The Summer Of Love and so far we’re loving this anniversary season, come on down to the most Balearic of settings this Sunday and treat your soul to a similar dose of care and affection.





Thanks very much to everyone who made it down last Sunday. After a slightly damp start and a few technical hitches caused by the huge electrical storm, the Sun finally put his hat on for us and turned the afternoon around. They do say the Sun always shines on the righteous and we are definitely that. We had great music all day long thanks to our guests and residents. Dave Chambers and The Brothers Grim made for a fantastic combination in their 5 hour back to back set. Tayo and Dirty Pop showcased the best London and Cardiff have to offer respectively before Brydie Tong showed us what Kiwis can do and Guy Williams rounded things of as only he can. Guy somehow managed to get Mark dancing around with gay abandon to Madona’s Borderline. No mean feat that’s for sure!

And now onto this week. Week 25 and also the penultimate Pikes On Sundays. Time has flown and Autumn is well and truly upon us, it sees like only yesterday that we were dusting off our headphones and repairing the old Balearic Battle-box….oh, that was only yesterday! Still time has flown by and we are heading towards the finish at a rapid pace. This week we have a special guest in the shape of one of our all time favourite friends of the We Love family. A man with hands that can not be controlled by strong will alone, a man that needs a drum or two to bother, the man they call Ian C. Complimenting Ian on the drums will be hand picked highlights from the summer season. Big Old Callum De Bango, The Italian Stallion Riccio, Andy ‘Wild Eyes’ Wilson and Grim (the Brother is doing best man duties this week sadly)

Hopefully we’ll be able to get the sound system working without Brother Andy on hand to do… pretty much everything… as Mark stands there shouting – above the music – “it’s not loud enough!” I’m sure we’ll be okay, I’m sure it will be perfect and I’m sure it will be the best music you’ll hear all year on Ibiza.

For starters and to whet your whistle ahead of this weeks shenanigans here’s four musical treats.

Mark Selects – 

Woo – Dont Delay – Starting this week with this wonderful piece of strange from an album thats just simply refused to get off my turntable this summer. It’s fucking awesome and if you have even the slightest interest in having something fucking amazing in your collection then you need to track it down and offer your first born for it. Or you could just jump on bandcamp and get it there.

Art Ensemble Of Chicago – Theme De Yoyo – I have a sneaking suspicion that I might have posted this one on the blog before, but, what the hell. This is going to be the perfect track to hand over the reins to Andy Wilson on. He’s going to be all like “this is a bit fast no?!?” and I’ll be all like “yeah, but it’s fucking bad ass right?!?” And then things will all go mad and we’ll start getting really drunk….standard!

Halina Zytkowiak – Piec Minut Lez – Wonder what it all means. Hope to goodness it’s not some terrible sectarian racist rant. Doesn’t sound like it but you never know. Anyway, it’s the perfect bridge from early afternoon into the early evening session. People are a little drunk and more willing to listen to obscure Polish disco numbers and this is one of our faves at Pikes On Sundays.

Split Endz – I Got You – One for the end of the poolside session and in the spirit of our good friend from Wales Ian Cottrell who played for us twice this season under the Dirty Pop banner. He didn’t play it but I suspect he likes it and doesn’t play it incase it shows his age. I’m old, I know I’m old and I don’t have a handsome young boyfriend to pretend i’m younger than I am to.”

Many thanks to Mark for the selections. This is your second to last chance to get your Pikes On Sundays roast fix before we close for the Summer so get those table reservations in early if you’re after a Yorkshire Pudding or two. Also as a side note tickets for the Halloween event are now available fro Pikes reception and they are flying out like hot pumpkins.




Watch out, September’s about! Many thanks to all our DJs and visitors last week for another great day full of hijinks and musical delights. More of the same this sunday as we welcome back Pikes On Sundays favourites DJ Callum, Riccio and Jon Woodall. We managed to track Mark Broadbent down last week but lost Andrew Livesey and this week we seem to have got them mixed up again so Andrew represents on his own for The Brothers Grim. Hopefully next week we’ll have the duo back together in all their glory.

We’ve pretty much said all there is to say about the sunday roasts now and you seem to have gotten the message as we are fully booked days in advance most weeks. They are great. They come with gravy. They come with Yorkshire puddings. That’s all there is to it  😉 For reservations give Pikes a call on 0034 971 34 22 22. Keep an eye on the blog this week for a very special interview coming online shortly… See you on Sunday!




After two long weeks we happily see the return of the prodigal son – someones! – to the hallowed decks, poolside at Pikes. Flying solo this week under his little used Grim persona we’re expecting big things from Mark Broadbent. We’ve heard tell of treasures found on his recent travels overseas, talk of Ambient Gabba and long-lost Pink Floyd b-sides. Amazing music… badly mixed, so thank goodness we also have a host of professionals onboard to help pull the ship to calmer shores. A welcome return for Mark Barrott who will be showcasing his Sketches From An Island vibes from 14:00 with Broadbent until firm favourite and local hero Andy Wilson drops some dubbage on the proceedings.

Early evening will be taken care of by Ben Murphy who’s been with us in and around the scenes since year dot. A regular at We Love and sometime player at Pikes On Sundays means he knows his business but more importantly…. will do as he’s told!

Brining us round the final hour poolside and Chez Fez. These duties have been handed to our new favourite Italian Riccio (more on him in later weeks) and once again we await his musical selections with baited breath. Incredible finds form another place and time. To set the toneMark has kindly chosen a few songs that have been tickling his fancy whilst away from the island.

Mark Broadbent Selects – 

HARMONIA AND ENO – WELCOME The perfect way to start the day. The calm before the storm so to speak…although this calm is going to last quite a while I suspect.

THE DURUTTI COLUMN – THE MISSING BOY – Written just two weeks after the death of – and for – his friend (Ian Curtis) this ode to a sad and lonely life lived in darkness is just achingly beautiful and reminds us of what we all lost when Ian committed suicide on the eve of their (Joy Division) US tour. I just about get away with playing this in the sunshine. But fuck it, it’s wonderful.

HAILU MERGIA – MUZIQAWI SILT – This is an Ethiopian classic that’s been covered by so many artists over the years. It’s an amazing arrangement that sounds otherworldly, especially when you consider it was written in the mid 60’s. This is the original. I play a slightly more modern version by Xavier Charles that’s so rare even the mighty youtube doesn’t have a copy! Thanks to Phil Cooper for the heads up on this one; but I do suspect he picked it up from Gilles Peterson who has been dropping this for years.

JOSE MANUEL – MANTRA (JOES BAKERY MIX) – Our new mate Craig Christon sent me this after we spent the day chewing the fat and talking about lost classics a few weeks back. Craig is probably one of the finest diggers in the UK right now and him and a few of his mates have kindly decided to put out some of their finer finds for the rest of us to drop from time to time. Why the hell did he do that you might well ask… fuck knows, but I’m really glad he did. A slice of pure trance heaven. Real trance music for the heads.”

Get those reservations in early if you’re planning on joining us for a roast as we will be sold out again in the next few days. Hasta pronto amigos.




Delia Donkey is back. Last seen leaping into the pool at 2am a few months ago she’s been MIA for a while but this week she’s back in full force and she has invited some of her friends along to help celebrate her return. Sheffield’s finest, DJ Callum plays for the third time this Summer, our new favourite Italian Riccio makes his second appearance of the Summer and we’ve got debut performances from our old buddy Andy Carroll and our new buddy Big Lee. Andrew Livesey stands alone for The Brothers Grim this week as we seem to have misplaced Mark. Hopefully we’ll find him soon.

We still have a few places available for roasts this week but they will fill up shortly so if you’ve got a hankering for a Yorkshire Pudding be sure to give Pikes a call on 0034 606 685 731 and reserve your table. The slow roast pork ribs last week were unreal and the rice pudding with cherry jam blew my mind.

Pikes, Sunday Roast Fod Review

As always action from 2pm until 2am with fun by the pool until 23:30 and then moving into Chez Fez for a good old knees-up for the last few hours. Kids club open until 6pm, roasts served until 8pm and the finest cocktails know to man available all day long. Free to one and all. Hasta pronto amigos!