As a little treat ahead of our event tomorrow our three residents Ruf Dug and The Brothers Grim have selected a few songs to get you in the mood. The brothers and Ruf Dug will be playing from 13:00 until 18:00 so if these selections tickle your fancy, come on down and enjoy your afternoon at the most balearic of poolside settings.

Ruf Dug Selects – 

Trio- da da da – 1982, I’m 7 years old and back then cala llonga was pretty vibing, especially for a 7 year old. There were 3 beach bars at the back and they all had pretty raucous atmospheres and loads of wasps around the bins, they felt super dangerous. Anyway each year one tune would be the big tune in all the beach bars and in 1982 this was the big hit, everyone was singing da da da for ever. Also u know it’s pretty raw for a number 2 pop song.

Baltimora – Tarzan Boy – A few years later, Cala Llonga is still the number 1 centre of the whole universe for vibes as far as little me is concerned… got a bit older now and moved from the beach bars to the mobile DJ who’s getting round the various bars in the village. This pleases mum & dad no end because this DJ has basically become our de facto babysitter and I fuckin love this guy, first time in my life I’d ever seen 2 turntables or cross fading or 12 inch singles or anything like that and my mind’s blown. This was the tune that really got me, I had to buy the sheet music when I got home to play on my casio….

Bygraves – Set Me Free – Street Soul from the heart of Moss Side in the early 90s, the bad old days; played by Phil Mison at the Cafe. A transmission from one world to another; the manchester-ibiza axis is powerful but this is perhaps the most unlikely connection of them all.

Stardust – Music Sounds Better With You – It’s the ultimate ibiza tune isn’t it? I was here the year it broke. It was almost as big as da da da. Total marmite amongst all the cool lot but what-the-fuck-ever, its fuckin stardust, deal with it. make a tune as big as this and then u can have a whinge ok.”

Brother Mark Selects – 

“Inspirations from my recent trip to Croatia. Love International is probably more famous for the huge amount of disco delivered in a week than any other musical genre but if your lucky and in the right place at the right time (usually on the restaurants terrace) you can occasionally hear some DJs dig a little deeper or as in this case play something thats rather obvious but that’s been put together in a nice way. The DJ played two hours of 70’s hits that had me reaching far back into my memory bank, memories of youth clubs, school discos and of course Top Of The Pops. A breathe of fresh air.”

Brother Andrew Selects – 

“Four of the best from the Summer so far. All big pop numbers that go down an absolute treat whenever they get played. I like to play these directly after Brother Mark has played something more sombre so that I get all the glory.”

If that doesn’t get you in the mood then we don’t know what will, perhaps some fantastic photos from last week’s party will do the trick… Catch our residents alongside Messalina Records cohorts Mushrooms Project and Lucci Capri this Sunday from 1pm until 2am. See you by the pool!







We’re very much looking forward to this Sunday’s activities. Celebrating the halfway point of the summer and with some fantastic special guests lined up we’re sure it’s going to be a party to remember. To get you in the mood here are a few song selections from our residents The Brothers Grim and Unadulterated Disco’s Paul T.

Paul T Selects – 

Michael Heart – Some Girls (Inst) – I was first switched on to this by Tony 586 Daly who used to put the Suono parties on in Newcastle in my formative years. This sounds ace pitched right down too. I’m sure the Reverso lads did an edit of it way back when too. An ex girlfriend managed to get me one off a seller in Greece for a Xmas prezzie. Winner! PS – Tony Daly now Owns 586 records in Newcastle and is a go to spot for any digger.

Dianne Brooks – Drums – I heard Mo Morris play this one time in Bali at a great little boozer come restaurant called Mantra that we used to play in and needless to say I was instantly in love with it.

Herb Albert – Rotation – I can’t quite remember how I came across this one. Such a great piece of music with tons going on in the mix.

Fern Kinney – Let me Kiss You – Another slow groover. It has this amazing drum section in the middle with a sort of swirley synth line. Plenty of cow bells and bleeps and bloops too.”

Andrew Livesey Selects – 

“A few weeks ago our friend Allan The Alien come to town and brought with him some new music. It took me a while to get around to listening to it all but most of it is fantastic. These four songs are all from his playlist and will all be forming part of the opening ambient section this week. Many thanks Allan.”

Mark Broadbent Selects – 

Prefab Sprout – Cars And Girls – Not heard this beauty in something like 20 years and then heard being played twice in one week, once on the restaurant terrace of the Love International Croatian festival site and then poolside at Pikes the following Sunday when we had Mark Barrott play for us. A stone cold Balearic classic that somehow has been overlooked by the usual suspects I’d expect to be playing it. All the better for us.

Pete Josef – Colour – Blue eyed soul at it’s best, great production and backing from the Sonar Kollektiv gang with in-house vocalist Pete Josef making this an out and out winner for poolside action as the sun dips behind the San Antonio hills.

Nilufer Yana – Hey – Nullifier makes this Pixies banger into her own chilled wonder whilst keeping the incredible originals hooks intact. Hardcore anthem turned Balearic belter by lass from London. Fuck Yeah!

Idjut Boys – Another Bird – How many times can I possibly use the term Balearic and still retain some credibility… Probably not too many to be honest. However this track pretty much sums up most people’s interoperation of the said term. Tune in and drop out poolside with us this week and you are guaranteed to hear me play this in it’s entirety to my brother’s consternation!”

Many thanks for the selections. Be sure to come down this sunday for fantastic songs like this and loads more! It looks like it’s going to be a busy one so make your reservations if you would like to join us for lunch. To do so call Pikes on 0034 971 34 22 22. Gracias amigos.